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7/24/2015 Enfamil we never received our promised order
Do to problems with the weather and we had to move do to a flood we were told by enfamil companythat would send us enfamil to the place we were staying. We really were Greatful!!! Wee had to call again and were told we would get a coupon through our email and also they would send us a few cans but we never received it!, Now we are calling for the third time... I hate getting told and never received it.

Amanda spnglerRead More
6/27/2013 Enfamil - You people are stupid we need the number with no
You people are stupid we need the number with no baby in it

tatsRead More
12/12/2012 Enfamil at CVS: CVS will not accept a return 12/12/12
hello my name is angel soto. I am writing about a product of yours i purchaced from cvs pharmacy p purchaced the other day. i bought 6 cans of formula 2 of the 6 were expired i went back to the cvs i purchaced them from. they refused to take them back because they said they wont get credit for the product???? I have already contacted the cvs coorperate and they still havent gotten back to me. i was just wondering if there was any way to get an exchange from you guys because im not getting anywhere with cvs and i spend 29 dollars on 2 cans of formula. thank you angel

angel sotoRead More
10/8/2012 When is the new product coming in ? Enfamil A plus
When is the new product coming in ? Enfamil A plus ? I do not have any milk to feed my 8 months old twins . By Sharon lim of Toronto

Sharon lim Read More
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