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Envizen Digital Corporate
3913 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, CA 91710 USA

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1-866-709-1999Review Needed Please Comment


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11/28/2016 Envizen Tablets - This is the worst tablet I have ever owned.
This is the worst tablet I have ever owned. Something happened and now nothing is working properly. Called and Called and Called customer service....and...guess what.....NOTHING. They dont return your call. This company sucks. And much to my surprise...last nite on HSN they were selling another tablet...Are you kidding me. I am notifying the Better Business Bureau about this company. And on top of it all - I am still paying for the tablet. Was stupid enough to do a 5 payment plan. WTF......

KathleenRead More
10/31/2016 Envizen Tablets - Recently, I purchased a Envizen 32 gb connected
Recently, I purchased a Envizen 32 gb connected tablet, teal in color, from the HSN. The external keyboard has never worked. On 10/14/2016, I called the HSN to ask about the problem. The person, on the phone, told me to call Envizen, which I did. The person, at Envizen, Jessica, asked my to plug in the keyboard and we tried to make it work to no avail. Jessica took my name and address and said that she would send a replacement. I am wondering if it is possible to check and see if the replacement keyboard was sent to me. If the keyboard was sent to me, it has never arrived at my address. Since I called on the 14th, I thought that a sufficient time had passed for the keyboard to arrive at my address.
Thank you for your time nand help in this matter.
Benjamin Kinsey

BenRead More
10/30/2016 Envizen Tablets - No customer support at all, nothing. Website
No customer support at all, nothing. Website doesn't even exist (anymore?)

SeamusRead More
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