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9/11/2015 I am purchasing an Epiphone Swingster from guitar
I am purchasing an Epiphone Swingster from guitar center in Arizona. Reviewers have stated the guitar comes with a plastic pickguard and mounting screws, etc. Guitar Center is not receiving any with pic guards. A much prefer a pick, guard. Are the Swingsters' suppose to ship with a clear pick guard inside?

jack Read More
5/31/2014 Dear Epiphone. My name is Matt Crimmins and i am a
Dear Epiphone. My name is Matt Crimmins and i am a sick and injured 9/11 veteran. Little did I know at the time, years later, I'd be paying the ultimate price. I was a NYC Paramedic. Sine then I have suffered a massive heart attack which left me with only 40% heart function, emphysema, bronchitis and pneumonia. I also suffer from PTSD, depression, and panic and anxiety. I'm only 44 years old. The reason for my letter is to see if Epiphone has some sort of "make a wish" foundation for sick and injured vets. My medication is so expensive I had to sell my pride and joy. An Epiphone Custom Les Paul Silverburst. Would Epiphone consider donating this guitar to a 9/11 and USAF veteran? Music is my life and I'm lost and depressed without my guitar. I know the Gibsons are too much money to donate but maybe an Epiphone? I don't know how much longer I have but I woukd like to spend it with the guitar I know and love. And when that fateful day comes, if you guys could donate the Silverburst for me I will be buried with it. So please guys take into consideration my situation and see if it is at all possible to send me a new one so I can die a happy man. So please guys, I beg you, make my last days happy ones and when I pass I will take it with me.
Matt ; NYC PARAMEDIC; Disabled

Please guys, help me to return to my old, happy self to enjoy playing again.
God Bless

Matt Read More
3/10/2014 I have an Epiphone acoustic MODEL PR 150NA and I
I have an Epiphone acoustic MODEL PR 150NA and I have duel guys who own Martins, Taylors
and other brand guitars and they cannot be my sound. For some reason or another when I fret passed the 9th fret I get a clanging sound. I took it to one of the Guitar Centers for repair and they said they would have to replace the fret board and that I should purchase another one. I have taken good care of this guitar and it looks like new and sounds just as good or better than some of the new ones. I don't think they use this type of wood on guitars anymore. Can you please assist me and tell me what I should do.
It does indicate on a sticker inside the guitar that it is guaranteed. Advice Please!

Charles Heard Read More
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