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EppiCard by Mastercard the easy and safe way to access your unemployment payments.With the EPPICard system, cardholders can purchase goods and services directly from retailers and even get cash back.

EPPI Card (MasterCard) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2000 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577 U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-914-249-2000

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-961-8423 Wait through every prompt and do not hangup


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3/31/2017 EPPICard - I have tried 8 x's to reach a live person.
I have tried 8 x's to reach a live person. Nothing!!! I have gone through all the numbers and held to the last moment when they say goodbye and disconnect me. I'm locked out of my online account and the stupid automated services is charging me every time I have tired to call. Seriously Customer Service Sucks. I understand completely why someone goes postal or commits suicide!!!! Not sure why i'm even venting as if I'm going to get a call from Eppi and they are going to make it all better. Geeze..... I guess its a good thing I didn't get anybody the last call. I need anger management after this.

Gwen Read More
1/19/2017 EPPICard - I tried every idea I found on the internet to
I tried every idea I found on the internet to reach a person many times. I was on hold for two hours this week before a person answered the phone and he was not very polite. Eppicard supposedly mailed me a new card last October with a chip in it. I was unaware. They recently canceled my old card. I had no idea what was going on.

On the website, it said my card was expired even though the card in my hand was good until 2019. They could have sent a message or posted a message on the website. After waiting on hold for two hours, I asked for a reissue. I paid for expedited delivery. I never received the card. After reading horrible reviews online and waiting on hold for an hour, I decided to turn straight to the BBB.

If you want action with Eppicard, write a brief and as grammatically correct as possible, complaint with the BBB. I was contacted within 24 hours. Customer service was much improved. My fee was waved and they have expedited another card to me for free.

Heather Jo Read More
12/14/2016 I have had my Eppicard Debit card since 2005 for
I have had my Eppicard Debit card since 2005 for child support payments. I went to use my card yesterday and it was declined so I called the 877 number on the back of the card and found out that the card had been cancelled. I spoke with several reresentatives and supervisors and nobody can find me in the system. Its like I have vanished and mever existed. Has anyone else ever had this problem???? All I get is the run around and all of the "I am sorrys" and "I dont understand what happened",,,,,FRUSTATED that nobody can help me get my money. I have called Child Support Enforcement and The Illinois Disbursement Center and I am active in tbeir systems. Can anybody out there give me info on how to correct this?

Rachelle Read More
11/2/2016 EPPICard - I am in Georgia and have done everything I know to
I am in Georgia and have done everything I know to do to get through and no one answers! I have received email saying money was put on card but no money and no way to get through to anyone! It just says goodbye and hangs up. How do we get a human?!

cynthia Read More
9/24/2016 EPPICard - I did not get a live CSR using the silent method
I did not get a live CSR using the silent method here in Texas. I tried a dozen times!!!! NOTHING!!! I didn't receive my last automated deposit and I NEED to talk to a live representative to find out why. Here I am a week later and still no money deposited and no answer to why since I can't get ahold of anyone. Sooooo frustrating!!!

Michelle Read More
8/2/2016 EPPICard - I would like to speak to a real person!!! I keep
I would like to speak to a real person!!! I keep being told to call 877-829-4130, which I have called numerous times!
My card in a VISA through eppiecard NV unemployment. When I log in it tells me that my phone number is wrong, but It Is Not Wrong! The Tmobile is wrong and the email is wrong. I have changed them numerous times also but it keeps going back to the wrong information. The phone number is right!

Carole Read More

I haven't been able to activate my replacement card OR get a hold of a live voice, no matter how many times I tried. I had tried over an hour today, and COULD NOT GET A LIVE VOICE!!!! THERE IS NO OPTION TO GET A LIVE VOICE ON THE WEBSITE OR THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE EPIC CARD. But, I did what several users suggested and DID NOT MAKE A SELECTION during the automated recording. After I think 10 times of her repeating to put in the card number, I was finally told to hold, while I was transferred to a customer service representative. His name was Tyler, and where he wasn't overly friendly, HE HELPED ME. He opened a tech support ticket, and walked me through to make sure I had the correct information to activate my card. I haven't been able to access the epic card money for weeks, so thank you for this website and sharing HOW TO GET THROUGH TO A LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT. I am NOT!!!! loving the new web based "customer service" option, and I despise not being able to reach a live voice if I need help. No other "BANK" institution would succeed with such unprofessional policies.

Nothing like treating us so poorly, while being paid to do so.

CaliUser Read More
3/18/2016 EPPICard - I'm in Georgia, this is a child support card I'm
I'm in Georgia, this is a child support card I'm speaking of..obviously we count on this to provide for our children. In Georgia waiting through prints doesn't work, it says call back later and hangs up. I have missing money over a thousand from last year that is STILL unaccounted for. And charging per call to see if money is available is utterly ridiculous. THEN, tried setting up online banking. Which of course, no matter how many times I've tried, says I've entered incorrect user name or password. I will be contacting the BBB, writing the governor and commissioner. In addition, they clearly hold payments do they can gain interest on our kids money, while we're waiting. I want to speak to a live person, that can give me answers now! If anyone has suggestions, I'm grateful for the input.

Andrea Read More
1/8/2016 EPPICard - This system/company/bank is a sham. It makes
This system/company/bank is a sham. It makes trillions of dollars off of the ones that need it the most- the children! Its so sad the the US Government would allow this to happen. Funds come later and later, fees are outrageous, and last (but certainly not least) customer service is comical. I'm going to send complaint letters to anyone I can until we're heard. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be contacting my local news station as soon as I get all of my documents and proof together. I advise you all to do the same! We do not have to sit back and allow this to happen to ourselves!!!

AMHumphreys Read More
11/16/2015 EPPICard - I have been calling for 3 hours and no answer!

10/26/2015 EPPICard - For ALABAMA: Call nternational Calls:
For ALABAMA: Call nternational Calls: 1-866-569-0417 listed on their site. I was able to talk someone and update address within 5 min. Company still sucks!!

Sunny Read More
9/30/2015 EPPICard - The customer service number 1-800-656-1347, sucks,
The customer service number 1-800-656-1347, sucks, which is the number that is on the back of my card!!!!. I have questions in reference to a transaction on my card. The prompt does not even give you a option to speak to a customer service representative. Soooo, exactly how am I supposed to ask questions if I have??????? The number above works, all the way until it comes to entering your card number, then it says that my card number is not valid, but I can call the number on my card and it will give me my balance and every thing
. I have had this account for years and I have NEVER had to call and ask any questions until now. I am highly pissed because money was taken off my card with out my permission and I cant even call and inquire about it. I will be looking into my money going else where. This is some bullllllll!!!!!!!!

Montez Read More
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