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Epson USA (Seiko Epson in Japan) is a technology company at the forefront of technological revolutions in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics.

Epson USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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1-800-533-3731Direct to human.


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4/6/2017 Epson is the worst company ever and their ink and
Epson is the worst company ever and their ink and printers are junk, I've had this printer for a few years but had problems right from the start. the ink cartridges are defective most of the time and they are expensive. I had to clean the printer heads and I had new ink just installed by the time I was done with the cleaning I had two cartridges emptied and the other two as close as you could get as empty, I contacted them and it's been over a month and they still will not reimburse me for the ink in fact the latest response they tried to blame me by telling me I did not try all trouble shooting they suggested when I did but nothing worked. I then asked for a supervisor or corporate executive address or number and they refused to give me any information said I reached the highest level of assistance, they just give you the run around hoping you'll give up but I refuse I will not be dismissed or ignored I'm pissed and I will not give up until I get me money back. I'm going to report them to the BBB and the FTC and if I have to I will contact trouble shooter's at ABC news so Epson is exposed for the horrible company that they are, it is not right how they treat their customers.

unhappy customerRead More
1/27/2017 No stars. Epson makes the worst printers on the
No stars. Epson makes the worst printers on the planet. And if your printer fails? They will only replace it with a USED and/or REFURBISHED one. This is what they offer customers who paid for new printers, and have every reasonable expectation that they will function as stated. This is my third Epson. Why three you ask? Simple: the first, another Workforce, failed. Within warranty. Epson sent me a replacement. They "made an exception" and sent me a new printer. Well, this one failed even faster than the first. They then refused to honor any warranties, and offered me a "carrot" in the way of a discount. Because I was desperate for a printer, I took the bait and purchased a new Workforce directly from Epson. Right out of the box, the scanner is broken. I just spent an hour on the phone with some tech who didn't speak English, and was finally transferred to Trudy in corporate, who proceeded to try and get credit card info from me. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SUED AND PUT OUT OF BUSINESS.

BijouxRead More
10/7/2016 I purchased a EPSON WF-2650 last year (2015) and
I purchased a EPSON WF-2650 last year (2015) and I have NOT been pleased with it and I HATE it because it is a piece of JUNK. I called 8 people last (Friday 9-30-16)to help me replace my 4 ink cartridges and all 8 people hung up on me. You either need to get reliable people (who speak ENGLISH) to help with problems
or go out of business. VERY VERY DISSATISFIED.


OrangeRead More
9/12/2016 have always loved Epson products and their
have always loved Epson products and their customer service.
NO LONGER! My rather(to me) expensive WF 4640 has quit working.
emailed Epson (as it is impossible to find a phone number to anyplace other than India, where they want to scan your computer and tell you that your troubles are computer not printer ) have not received an answer to my email. Have a printer barely over a year old that would make a very large paper weight - as it isn't good for anything else. Very frustrated. One star is as low as I can go, or it wouldn't be that good.

Judy-office managerRead More
6/21/2016 DON'T BUY EPSON PRINTERS.I bought an Epson WF

I bought an Epson WF 2540 All-in-One-Printer less than two years ago. (Compared to my Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1300 which I bought over ten years ago and it's still working.)

The printer stopped printing black. I bought a four color cartridge packet and re-installed a new black cartridge...this is the first time I had to install one, but I work with computers, so I easily know how to install a cartridge. It still did not print black. I bought at second four-color package thinking maybe it was the cartridge. Still didn't work.

I called Epson technical service. The gal who barely spoke English walked me through ALL the steps I already already had tried. Still didn't work. At the end she said, it's out of warranty, you need to have it repaired or buy a new one.

So, not only do I have to buy a new printer (when this one was hardly used to begin with) but I am also out $100 for the two packets of cartridges which I had to open to try. I will, of course, toss them out, because I will NEVER buy an Epson printer again. Worst printer I have ever had and the company and its technical service match the poor quality of printer.

Now I have made it my mission to tell everyone what poor quality printers Epson produces. I have taken to all facets of social media. Spread the word....


B.K.Read More
6/9/2016 Epson - I purchased a WF 2530 and before the initial
I purchased a WF 2530 and before the initial sample cartridges were used the the printer quit printing - Epson diagnosed as hardware failure - and Epson replaced the printer. The replacement printer failed within 5 months. The printer was only used for personal printing, not business, not hard use at all. Epson diagnosed the replacement printer as hardware failure, and printer OUT OF WARRANTY as original printer had been replaced and replacement printer (refurbished unit NOT new unit) reverted to original purchase date. This WF2530 never performed to expectations and neither Epson nor Epson support personnel stand behind their product, knowing the printer is an inferior product. The ink, the cartridges were always a problem. Although Epson offered me a Epson discount on new Epson printer I refused their product. I am so done and so frustrated with their product and non-service. This company needs to go out of business and its employees need to go on welfare. I only gave them 1 star as 1 star is lowest.

JerryRead More
3/14/2016 I won't give you any stars. I have an epson
I won't give you any stars. I have an epson wf2530 that has will not print no matter what I do. I have had technical support on the phone at one point and that was as frustrating as looking for a needle in a haystack!! I replaced the ink cartridges and still no print. I put the old ones back in and still no print. I believe I got a lemon and want a replacement even though I have had this printer for awhile. It worked only for about 6 months before it went caput. I am willing to let everyone on social media know what results I get. at this time I have been on hold or a very long time.

darceyRead More
12/16/2015 Can't scan on EPSON55C587 (WorkForce 630)
I recently purchased a new computer and am able to connect and print (wireless) with my Epson Workforce 633, however, I am unable to scan documents. In my Settings under Printers & Scanners, it shows in devices EPSON55C587 (WorkForce 630). There is NO EPSON Scan icon!

DavidRead More
11/30/2015 Trying to find a phone number to Epson and speak with a "HUMAN"
Trying to find a phone number to Epson and speak with a "HUMAN" seems to be unavailable to customers that have purchased their products.
I purchased an Epson WF-2650 four months ago and when the screen printer said ink was needing to be replaced, of which I did install new ink. Then attempting to print a document all I could get was a paper with about one out of 6 lines readable. I took the printer back to Best Buy where I purchased it and they informed me that there was something internal and I should call an 800 number which they gave me. Upon calling that number, a man answered the phone of which I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND. He was from some foreign country and began telling me there was something wrong with my computer and wanted to sell me something and fix my computer for $50.00 and $149.99 to fix my printer, but my printer still will not work.That was last week and my printer still has a problem.
Is there not an 'American' that is human and speaks English that can help me?

ScottRead More
6/16/2015 Problem with my Epson Printer
my epson printer have a problum please help me and call me this no-

sangram singhRead More
12/29/2014 Epson - One call. American technician, patient with an old
One call. American technician, patient with an old man! 5 minutes to solve my problem. No charge. Thanks.

CarlRead More

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