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Equifax is a credit reporting agency that provides credit information and reports.

Equifax Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1550 Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Equifax Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-885-8000
1-800-203-7843 User Provided Phone Number for Equifax

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-866-640-2273 Press 30 at each prompt, ignoring message.


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3/4/2017 Equifax - TIME for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against this
TIME for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against this CROOKED SCAM!!! They have screwed up their records and we are somehow to blame!! When the information is presented then they either take the phone off the hook or hang up on you!!! PASS the problem onto someone else is their motto. TAKE NO PRISONERS is mine!!!
WE will be coming for you!!! Lawyer UP!!!

Bill R. Read More
1/15/2017 Equifax - They have charged me for services that they can
They have charged me for services that they can not provide me with and keep promising they will give me credit just so they can we do it and charge me again. they are just after there own gain in bonuses.

Ana Read More
12/27/2016 Equifax - Horrible experience. I attempted to call on
Horrible experience. I attempted to call on December 27th and was advised this was closed for the holiday??? Last time I checked there is no holiday on the 27th!!

Nikki Read More
12/12/2016 Equifax - I was on the phone for 2 hours and 40 minutes and
I was on the phone for 2 hours and 40 minutes and the only thing that was resolved was my credit card being hit for 6 times with charges. Each time you are handed to a person, they attempt to fix it but run your credit card over and over with nothing resolved. Most of the people you are speaking with are called "Offshore Operators" and are located in another country. They do not know their job or how to fix problems. You cannot speak to any Equifax personnel only these people. Equifax is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
This company is the worse that I have seen in dealing with something so important. No one can give you an answer--just transferred, transferred, and transferred. You would think that our congressman would do something about this.

Glenn Read More
11/15/2016 Equifax - They give you a credit rating below what the other
They give you a credit rating below what the other companies do! It is 15 points less with them when I check! When I called to ask with the robot like person went on and on about why it can be different.. as if I dont already know this, then when I asked for what my score it as of right now she would not tell me, said I had to pay to find out?! Excuse me?? This company is very fraudulent in how they work with consumers. It can effect if we get a loan or not 15 points.. The other bureaus I dont have the issues with. I m writing my congressmen and they need to help people, this is part why Americans cant buy anything and are in bad debt they have to take higher interest loans.. This isnt right.

Brandee Read More
9/27/2016 Equifax is a crook, and obviously their people
Equifax is a crook, and obviously their people receive commissions on the charges they have in place. This service should be provided FREE of CHARGE. This is an agency that operates on handling the public's important information of credit, and they play god with this, and don't operate in the best interest of the customer. I called to cancel before,and to respond that the dispute would go thru, and these damn fools, got the dispute problem resolved, but did not cancel as I had requested, resulting in my getting a $19.95 charge on my account. THESE ARE NOT REPUTABLE PEOPLE, AND SHOULD NOT HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF OPERATING AN AGENCY WITH THIS TASK!!!!!!

UDANZA Read More
9/17/2016 Equifax - Unfreezing has been impossible up to now.I have
Unfreezing has been impossible up to now.I have carefully attempted to follow their instructions to unfreeze my account. I have encountered every difficulty listed above. Internet and telephone as per their instructions. Repeated attempts only result in being dropped somewhere along the line.
Phone contact is impossible. I have successfully unfrozen my Credit Agency Freeze from the other two credit reporting agencies.
I have no idea what to do.

Gerd Read More
6/3/2016 Equifax - Trying to freeze or unfreeze your credit online
Trying to freeze or unfreeze your credit online takes an act of congress to do so. In most attempts, one little glitch, wrong entry or something that Equifax doesn't think is OK will initiate a "send your request by snail mail" to freeze or unfreeze your credit, which is totally garbage. This is the 21st century and Equifax hasn't entered it yet it seems. Equifax should understand that everyday consumers, not just big business, value customer service and accessibility in doing things easily and efficiently online. Passwords and challenge questions would help a lot. If you can access someone by phone, a real person, then that seems to work better, but finding the right phone number on the Equifax website isn't easy.

Dennis Read More
5/6/2016 Equifax - The worst experience ever... their digital service
The worst experience ever... their digital service is just as bad as the customer service. There is absolutely no way to get to a life person from the phone numbers listed online.
I applied on their website for credit freeze... The confirmation I received was saying... 'your request was submitted and 90 day alert was added'.. I didn't request a security alert. I requested a credit freeze.. Next day I received an email that 'My dispute is being processed'. I never entered a dispute.

Thanks to a reviewer I was able to get to a person after 40 min wait - Call 1-866-807-7461
I was given another number to talk to a person from the dispute department 888- 261- 9735
Good luck to all that try to contact Equifax

ANN Read More
4/10/2016 Equifax - This company should NOT be able to act as any
This company should NOT be able to act as any reliable source for a credit rating in order to get it they say you cannot be acknowledged on the computer even though the Experian and Trans Union found me with no problem.
They then demand you send in all tour vital information copies of your Social Security card, Drivers license, bill with address. Who would be so dumb as to do that? That is just asking for trouble as you do not know is working there and what will happen to this information. I am going to report them to the FTC for false credit reporting tactics. What a totally disgusting company.

Marie Read More
4/6/2016 Equifax - 4/6/16OMG had a horrible terrible experience
OMG had a horrible terrible experience with customer service twice. I went to a retail store to make a phone purchase. I forgot that yrs ago I placed a security freeze on personal information. As a result of this the retailer tried to assist by placing a call to Equifax. Able to provide answers to 99% of their questions, except for a prior address from 1988. I explained that I am disabled, don't get out often due to difficulties, but this was not sufficient for them to assist. They requested information be faxed to them and they provided me with a number for security fraud. Well I did what was requested later when arriving home only to discover that they gave me a number that was in correct simply bc I requested to speak with a supervisor bc they could not explain to me as to what additional information was needed. She placed me on hold for at least five minutes under the pretense they were seeking a supervisor to assist. I waited and waited only to be disconnected. Now somewhere out there my information is available to a stranger that has the potential to turn my life upside down. Not only was this in ethical but what kind of person can do this to another. I have not been able to sleep. How can something that should be so simple go so wrong. I have no clue what to do next or where this will lead. I'm sharing my experience with the hope that what has happened to me doesn't happen to anyone else. We have to ask ourselves what human being does this to another.

Debra Read More
2/22/2016 Equifax - Worst credit agency on the planet
Worst credit agency on the planet. Several times this company has combined my personal information and my credit with another person who has horrible credit/bankruptcy because we have similar names. Even after marrying and changing my last name, I receive her collection notices in my mailbox all the time. I've had numerous disputes with Equifax and nothing changes. No other credit agencies have this problem, why can't they get it right? And really, they want me to pay for a service to monitor my credit??? Never.

Call 1-866-807-7461 and ask for the consumer department for faster service. Good luck.

Jen Read More
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