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Ethan Allen is an American Institution in the furniture industry. They offer home decor, furniture, modern furniture, casual furniture.

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7/8/2017 Horribly disappointed with Ethan Allen service.
Horribly disappointed with Ethan Allen service. Sofa took 25 weeks, not the 12 promised. Customer service both with the store and the "customer service" rep was awful. I wrote a detailed complaint on another site...too tired to write it again. Rockford, IL store....where my mother bought every piece of her furniture and I will never step foot in again.

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6/20/2015 Ethan Allen - poor quality of the leather dye has caused the color to FLAKE OFF of the headrest
Imagine that! A a user's head actually does rest on the headrest of a leather recliner! However, the poor quality of the leather dye has caused the color to FLAKE OFF of the headrest. There is no staining, no darkening,no oil. However, Ethan Allen has refused to accept any responsibility for this issue. There has been nothing done other than a denial of responsibility through the limited venue of email and a digital photo! Even after a local distributor visited and provided an opinion that the issue was unusual and did not appear to be due to wear. The chair is less than 10 months old! So very disappointed in the customer service experienced. I have not seen any reports in writing, any test results, or anyone from quality control investigating this in person. Is this how the company treats its customers? Despicable. Spend your money on what you expect to be a quality piece from a reputable(?) company, but don't expect any service!

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6/17/2014 Ethan Allen - We have a drop leaf desk with lock at top of drop
We have a drop leaf desk with lock at top of drop leaf and we can not find the key can you help us

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5/13/2014 Problem with my Ethan Allen sofa - The dye is wearing off
I have a problem with my Ethan Allen sofa. The dye on the edge of one of the arms has worn off and it is almost white. Do you have touchup dye I could purchase? I have no papers on the sofa but it was purchased about four years ago and is a medium tan. In medium light, it looks dark tan. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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3/17/2014 Ethan Allen - I ordered a couch in December. I ordered the
I ordered a couch in December. I ordered the spring wrapped in down.. The couch was made in Mexico and it was not only not the expensive spring spring wrapped in down, it was It was not even as good as the cheapest standard sample they had on the floor. They had a technician come out to check my complaint Over a week ago and I can't seem to move them on it. It is not what I ordered or paid for and I want them to pick it up. I will never do business with them again. They do not take that custom-made but this was not custom-made to my order.

Phyllis Read More
2/24/2014 Ethan Allen - Ordered 2 rooms full of furniture and custom
Ordered 2 rooms full of furniture and custom window treatments in September 2013.

Was promised delivery by December.

One room came in January, but Carpet was damaged. New Carpet has been ordered.
Window Treatments were promised in December, then January, and finally installed in February (5 months later).

Second room is ready to be delivered except for one piece. It was slated to be delivered in January, changed to February, then to March, and today I was told it will be April before it arrives. This is 7 months after I placed the order!

You have a very serious problem with inventory management and setting customer expectations. As we speak, I'm looking for new furniture and considering cancelling that entire room.

Tired of waiting Read More
2/16/2014 Ethan Allen no customer service and not covered under warranty
we bought the whole dinner set.the huge table with 8 chairs,china cabinet,and buffet. 3 of the chair's springs are broken within 24 months although we used them rarely. I went to the Wayne store where we bought the furniture, they did not help us just gave the customer service phone number.
We called the customer service guess what, they said those chairs are not included warranty. They offer us to call 3rd party fixing guy called Garry to fix our chairs and pay him for his service.
Paying almost 10k for the dinner and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
I hope you will solve this issue which is Ethan Allen responsibility,
Umit Sencan

Umit Read More
11/14/2013 Ethan Allen - I ordered a sofa in mid-August with a custom
I ordered a sofa in mid-August with a custom fabric. I called last week (11/7/13) to see when it was going to be delivered as I was told the lastest date would be 11/15/13. Lo and behold the receptionist informs me it is scheduled to be in the store on 11/15/13. I called again today (11/14/13)was told the status report states it is a work in progress. I explained that I needed if for Thanksgiving and that the contract states I can cancel the order and get my full deposit back if it is not delivered by 11/15/13. The salesperson said that he "understands and that I must do what I must do." So tomorrow I'm going out and look for a floor model in all the furniture stores to see if I can get a replacement. I can't understand why no one contacted me to say there would be a delay; this is all entered into a computer. It better not take 3+ months to get my deposit back!

Mike Read More
10/31/2013 Ethan Allen - My husband and I visited the Viera,Fl store after
My husband and I visited the Viera,Fl store after visiting with insurance adjusters at our winter condo. We had suffered a cat. 3 damage due to a sewer backup. Basically we were in the store to replace much of the furniture that we had lost. Our furniture was very high quality custom design. We were not going to replace it with a lower quality. The company that we originally worked with was no longer in that area, so we went to Ethan Allen where I have shopped before.
We were very interested in 2 different bedroom sets the first visit so we took notes and looked around a bit. 2 days later we returned to take another look and measurements, and we're greeted by a very rude older lady at the desk. We told her we were just going to check some things out and she wanted to have the gal that helped us the time before. We figured out her name but she was not working that evening which was fine because we were not going to order that evening pending measurements.
She sent over another lady who let us gather our information. After a few minutes she let us know that the store was now closed, and they had. Even for a few minutes.
I have worked retail before and the rule is if you are in before the doors are closed then you may go about your business. I got the feeling since we had told them we were not goin g to purchase that evening we were wasting their time.
Needless to say you have lost our business. I will not be back in that store. The store earlier in the day was very happy to take our money!

Erika Yoder Read More
10/16/2013 Ethan Allen...We will never return...Poor service
Ethan Allen...We will never return...Poor service and help not knowledgable about anything...

Last purchase from their store. Went in and were greeted with a young girl Brooke chomping and cracking gum.. I first asked her what do we call you? She chomped away and said oh.. Brooke..We mostly helped ourselves.
Then, the manager Rebecca Katsampes thought she came to her rescue rolling her eyes. She stated oh our catalogue is incorrect prices we have increased them so just ignore the old prices we are 12% higher now. The manager had the nerve to give us a book with the salesgirls name Brooke McKendry on it when we just asked her to get another salesperson for us.
All I can say is we were in the PAST an Ethan Allen customer but NO more.
They seemed to not want to be bothered, maybe they do not need business!!!

Alton and Janice Smith Read More
8/7/2013 I ordered 16 replacement shelf hangers from Ethan Allen
I ordered 16 replacement shelf hangers at the local Ethan Allen store and was originally told they would take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Now they tell me 9 weeks. Nine weeks to deliver simple shelf hangers!! This company represents itself as professional and helpful? I don't think so. Dealing with the snobby customer service person was a lesson in patience and tolerance that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

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8/4/2013 I bought a clearance recliner from Ethan Allen (the Linear)
I bought a clearance recliner( the Linear) $1200. I picked it up on friday August 2,2013. It is very beautiful and fits my space nicely, the only problem is that it is so uncomfortable I can only sit in it for about five minutes. Now I read that clearance items cannot be returned and custom orders cannot be returned. That covers most of what they sell. No one told me that at the store. I will rate the company after I find out if they will take this if we can get some resolution to my problem. This was at the Hoover, Alabama store.

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