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1/8/2017 I need a spit for my euro pro convection oven.
I need a spit for my euro pro convection oven. Model #T0241R. Lost mine in the process of moving. I've searched on line everywhere and cannot find one. Can you please help

LaneyRead More
11/12/2016 Euro Pro - does anyone have a contact phone number for euro
does anyone have a contact phone number for euro pro. I have a serger and need a part I cannot find in any stores or online.

s williamsRead More
6/13/2016 Euro Pro - i am trying to find the correct phone # for euro
i am trying to find the correct phone # for euro toaster ovens,the number comes up but its for shark products?can you give me the correct #.


tomRead More
5/31/2016 Euro Pro - I believe Sears manufactures Euro-Pro products.
I believe Sears manufactures Euro-Pro products. Please confirm.

I purchased a toaster oven, Model T0284 in April 2006 and used it until Dec 2006. I moved and put it into storage where it has been ever since. During those short few months that I used it, I began having to leave the oven door open because where the glass oven door would meet the white painted appliance, it was turning black and smoking. The paint is defective on the oven and would have caught on fire and was probably toxic while cooking food. Could this unit be replaced? If you send a box, I would be happy to send it to you so you can verify the facts contained in this correspondence.

Dorinda BrooksRead More
12/22/2015 Euro Pro - Shark S3101 floor steamer use liquid soap or no soap?
I just used my new Shark S3101 floor steamer and I'm very happy with it. In the owner's guide it said use no soaps or cleaners. On a tag attached to the steamer it said use only liquid soap. So, which is correct?

KarenRead More
12/18/2015 Euro Pro - Courteous customer service
Courteous customer service, said would send replacement lower handle for Shark UV615 out at no charge. if all goes as promised I will be very grateful

DeanRead More
7/27/2015 Euro Pro - I Have had a terrible problem with this company
I Have had a terrible problem with this company Europro. I ordered a Ninja product(blender) for the last 3 months I have had a terrible time getting any productive service on getting my money back . I did not want the product and wanted to return it within a week of receiving it in May 27 2015. I called to cancel THE ORDER, Never USED the NINJA- MATTER OF FACT IT WAS NEVER REMOVED FROM THE BOX. At the time I called on June 7th to cancel and return it., The Customer person I spoke to said she would send me a label with their return address with ,postage paid by them and by the way, the customer service persons- are rude to deal with, and this process of returning a product is made very difficult ) I never received a label as they said I would -They Charged for an extra payment fee of 49.95 (I didn't mention that they charged me 83.89 plus shipping of 19.95 on the day I ordered it plus they sent me return label from their offices in Canada,with postage paid by me! I had to call them regarding this label, ( They would not give me a phone number for an address for shipping the item, it had to be per their label AND The label they sent me for ME shipping it FEDEX ground ,plus I HAD TO PAY 44.06 To pay out of pocket on my charge card. I had to go on the internet to try and call -and get a phone number so they can reimburse me for the shipping. SEAN was so rude *(he said he did not HAVETHE PHONE number TO GET PAYMENT) for all these charges. I am going to put my experience with this company on social media. I rate them with a TOTAL 0 ZERO I will not purchase products from EURO-PRO(Chino,Ca.)-Main Offices CANADA (EuroPro Operating LLC )

angelica (angie) Read More
7/10/2015 Euro Pro - Paid off & now monthly billing shows back up
Paid off & now monthly billing shows back up taking my $ again! I cannot get anyone on the phone to correct so I will go thru my bank & visa

reneeRead More
7/4/2015 Euro Pro - Hello. Sr. -- mam. I Just. Place. A.
Hello. Sr. -- mam. I Just. Place. A. Order. For. Lift. Away. Vacuum. .I. Like. To. Cancel My.

Thank. You

Sheik. RahamanRead More
5/5/2015 Euro Pro - I bought a Ninja master prep pro today. The box
I bought a Ninja master prep pro today. The box indicated that a recipe book was included but no recipe book was not in the box. I tries calling customer service and ended up on hold for 15-20 minutes. I then tried your website. When I typed in a question in customer service, the web site quoted a price of $27 to answer "how can I get a copy of the recipe book?". I then tried chat and was that only customer service could respond and was that told there was no way to send a message to customer service: that the only way to reach customer service is via the 800 number (that customer service does not answer).

I'm returning the product and notifying the retailer that I am returning the product because of the difficulty I've had getting any help with a very minor problem. I can't imagine what sort of problems I would have if the product broke while under warranty. Based on my experience and the other comments I see here, my opinion is that the warranty on all euro-pro products is worthless.

johnRead More
3/6/2015 Euro Pro - i am looking to get bobbins for my euro-pro sewing
i am looking to get bobbins for my euro-pro sewing machine EP382

EllaRead More
2/3/2015 Euro Pro - This is one of the WORST customer service
This is one of the WORST customer service companies I have ever dealt with. I was referred to them under a SHARK warranty for replacement and purchased a replacement at a much discounted price. There service was I would receive the product within 10 days....15 days later and 2 customer service phone calls I did not have the product; several different customer service reps. re iterated the same statement of "being in the process of shipping" and I would receive a fed ex tracking number within 24 hours: NONE OF THAT OCCURRED.

I finally spoke with a Euro-Pro customer rep who told me" the product was on backlog, it is not in process of shipping within a few days from Chico, Ca. and there is no tracking number available from Fed Ex until it is actually shipped. I could not cancel as the 'process' has begun; however my credit card debit is pending until the product is actually shipped and I may cancel that way." No customer service offers to make this better, to keep me as a customer or to reduce my negative attitude toward Eruo-Pro, bad customer service.

I cancelled the order.

BarbaraRead More
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