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1/17/2014 Examiner.com is apparently allowing slander
Examiner.com is apparently allowing it's contributor's to act as judge,jury and executioner. My good name is still being slandered and I cannot speak to a human.

PaulRead More
2/1/2013 Examiner.com - just get an answering machine.
just get an answering machine.

scottRead More
12/28/2012 I contacted examiner.com by telephone but several
I contacted examiner.com by telephone but several times, but each time I called them, no one answered; only a answer machine was available. When i left a message via telephone, no one returned my phone call. I have been working for this company for over a week. Hence, I begin to think the company is illegitimate because no one ever answered my phone calls. Am I wrong?

ExaminerRead More
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