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7/3/2014 Expedia.com - Expedia customer service probably in India -
Expedia customer service probably in India - However, Excellent Service!

The customer service rep. who answered my call was great. He changed the reservations and he explained everything.

Thank you Expedia!

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1/5/2014 Whenever a company such as Expedia.com is managed
Whenever a company such as Expedia.com is managed by a group of sharky investors, whose motive is not the customer and only the bottom line and huge profits for the fat cats at the top - how could a customer ever be treated with respect in a fair and decent manner?

Well Expedia.com and all the Expedia sites, customer support, delivery of a good product to the customer is NONEXISTENT!!!

This company is the most greedy bunch of crooks that make madoff look like a 2 bit player!! Stay away from all things EXPEDIA if you want a successful travel experience - otherwise you will end up with 3rd rate travel nightmares!!!

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