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Express Scripts prescription drugs safer and more affordable their customers. Express Scripts is available through thousands of employers, government, union and health plans.

Express Scripts Corporate
One Express Way
St. Louis, MO 63121 USA
Phone Number: 314-996-0900
Email: [email protected]

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1-800-206-4005 Press 0
1-800-282-2881 Patient Customer Service
1-800-711-5672 Technical Support


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11/17/2017 Express Scripts - Absolutely the worst company. Have been trying to
Absolutely the worst company. Have been trying to get a refill for three weeks. Twice said they didn't receive prescription, then said it had to be faxed on their form and the doctor needed to contact physicians services, then said received but needed to talk to Doctor. Finally did a four way call with Doctor, Supervisor, pharmacy tech and said would get sent out. Ten minutes later got a recorded call saying they needed to verify my address which they have used for twenty years so l called for 5th time to verify my address. Now they have sent an email saying they needed to talk to doctors office again and prescription is on hold again. Why can't something be done to penalize this company for negligence and ur responsibility. Will someone with money please sue this company so patients can get their medications.

Barbara Fry Read More
1/29/2017 As far as I am concerned Express Scripts may as
As far as I am concerned Express Scripts may as well save their money and eliminate the department. At the present time I have two prescriptions that are as far as four months overfilled. I have notified them several times about this but no action has been taken.. I have, of course, have had to discard many pills. I am trying to remedy this issue but don't expect to see any change.

Dorothy Read More
1/28/2017 Express Scripts - the web site for ES is appalling. i spent 10 mins.
the web site for ES is appalling. i spent 10 mins. filling it out and then had no way to send it. the web site is all screwed up. i just dropped ES and am transferring to Wallgreens. They can"t be worst; no one can! Poor, poor management

rich Read More
1/14/2017 Express Scripts is the WORST choice for
Express Scripts is the WORST choice for prescriptions that Tricare could have possible made. While I have talked to several really nice customer service people, most are rude. I do not see why I am forced to use a company that simply does not do a good job. This is simply a bad, bad, choice and I hate not being given a choice.

Sherry Read More
9/18/2016 Express Scripts - I am on the worry free refill program. For months
I am on the worry free refill program. For months now my doctor has repeatedly tried to refill a couple of prescriptions but Express Scripts has not responded to his requests. I am now trying to get my prescription filled again since the medications have become three months past the expiration date.

Rosanne Read More
9/8/2016 Express Scripts - ES is a disorganized dysfunctional company. Their
ES is a disorganized dysfunctional company. Their customer service reps are hit or miss and mostly miss. It will usually take 2-4 calls for each matter. Their supervisors are usually not much help either but sometimes can assist. They have a refill program that is called "worry free refills" but is a nightmare. ES WF refills usually refills medications that you have already called about NOT to refill and does not refill what is needed. I tried having medications removed which worked for a very short term period. After several weeks they will fax your doctor for a new script without you knowledge and then send it out. As everyone else, I am forced to use them by my health insurance carrier otherwise I would not use them.

Mi Read More
6/23/2016 Express Scripts - I just want to commend one of your customer supervisor
I just want to commend one of your customer service supervisor name Joan
who resolved a very frustrating problem .My husband's medication were lost in the USpostalsystem for over 30 days .It. was mailed on May 17 th .We have 2 homes and all our mail is forwarded.Medications were sent to Florida back toNJ back to Florida and back to Nj again and than to Florida and finally to Indiana.She was so kind ,efficient and professional and assured me problem would be resolved which she did and today June 23 we received medication. IShe is an asset to your Company. I believe her number
239 842 8065 is out of a Florida location.

Jeanne Read More
4/15/2016 Express Scripts - This is the absolute WORST group of disorganized,
This is the absolute WORST group of disorganized, Organization I have ever dealt with my life. I suffer from a rare pain syndrome and you can talk to twenty Customer Service Reps, their Supervisors along with Pharmacists and you get twenty different answers. I am so upset with what an employee did to me, and apparently words you didn't say can be misconstrued to be whatever the Rep says and they can get away with it. Would love to get a Class Action Lawsuit going against Customer Service Reps who say Slanderous and Defamation of Character out right lies. Am calling their President first thing Friday, April 15, 2016. I am tired of dealing with morons. Complaining on their site will not help us. There is power in numbers!!

Rocky Read More
4/14/2016 Express Scripts - I just spent 30 minutes writing what ES did and
I just spent 30 minutes writing what ES did and said to me. Would appreciate an executive director contact me via my home phone, . Unfortunately my cell phone quit working, and for the most part is turned off. I am not one to have a cell phone glued to my ear. I DO NOT want to speak to anyone from St. Louis, MO please. They are the ones who created my nightmare. I have name after name and your organization is the most disorganized group of people I have ever dealt with. I have been to hell and back with a rare auto-immune pain syndrome for the last 24 years, that was until I dealt with Express Scripts in February, 2016.

Have you read your former employees ratings? I have yet to find one giving you a 5 rating. Pretty pathetic huh?

At any rate until I can speak with someone in your Corporate office, except St. Louis, I look forward to explaining my nightmare to you and how this issue can be resolved and the Customer Service Rep and Supervisor will provide me a personal apology along with providing same to my two Pain Management Physicians.

Thank you for your cooperation in this now out of control situation.

Rochelle Read More
3/11/2016 Express Scripts - My company of course wants us to use ES. When we
My company of course wants us to use ES. When we had Medco it was great. ES sucks. I'm diabetic and they ask if I want to be on the worry-free refill but they consistanly let me run out of insulin. Not good when you need it to live. Better than that they started charging more money because I was using my local pharmacy too much. You kind of have to when you're out of insulin. I gave up. Now I go to my local pharmacy and pay double to triple the price but it's worth the peace of mind. I wish they'd hurry up and go out of business so my company would use someone else.

Edward Read More
3/3/2016 I have dealt with Express Scripts (Medco) for
I have dealt with Express Scripts (Medco) for years. We got excellent service when it was Medco. Since the change it has been horrible. Our practitioner faithfully sends in our refill scripts at our appointments, then we will get emails stating that there are no refills. I call and have difficulty getting anyone who speaks English very well. The last time I painfully went through all refills with this gentleman (who spoke very poor English) and was assured they would be sent and was later told that I did not have refills (which I know I did). Anyway, I did finally get them refilled but after the calendar year so I was stuck with having to pay my deductible when the medication should have been filled in the previous calendar year.
My husband has gone without medication for extended periods of time (very necessary heart and blood pressure medications) while we wait for Express Scripts to get things straightened out.
What used to be a very convenient, reliable service is not. I wish I could just go to CVS and get our maintenance medications but our plan does not permit that. I would rather have to contribute more (which is not always the case with retail pharmacy) and know that we were going to have what we needed when we needed it.

Cindy Read More
2/21/2016 Express Scripts - I have been with this pharmacy for several years
I have been with this pharmacy for several years and with patients and getting prescriptions I find the service to my satisfaction ..

Ben Read More
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