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Federal Express or (Fedex) is one of the worldwide leaders in overnight shipping and they have now expanded into ground and freight shipments.

Federal Express Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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1-800-463-3339 Say Representative at Each Prompt


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9/28/2011 Federal Express Fedex - My complaint is about a driver at Sky Harbor MH
My complaint is about a driver at Sky Harbor MH Park Cheektowaga NYwho failed to stop at the inters of HARMONY LANE and MELODY at 3 pm Wed Sept 28. He sailed right thru the intersection which has a large stop sign while I going 10mph or less was barely able to avoid a collision!! mostly because I was observing the limit CLEARLY POSTED!!!!Your drivers also do not observe the speed limits thru the streets of Sky Harbor 15 MPHALWAYs!!!!!
They have been warned many times by park mgrs!!! before.

Please remind your drivers of the park speed limits etc!!

norb Read More
8/19/2011 Federal Express Fedex - In the 20 years since I moved to my country home
In the 20 years since I moved to my country home FedEx has never been able to get a package to me without complications. I have actually found more then 1 light weight package that they left on the porch of a near by abandoned house blowing around the field across the road from the house. Had I not been expecting a package I never would have even looked at or for the boxes in the field. Yesterday I took off work to receive a package & at 4:00 I found a notice on my door that said they tried to deliver the package. They never even knocked on my door. My dog goes ballistic every time someone knocks,he never made a sound all day. I called last night to make arrangements to pick up the package & was told where it would be but to call first to make sure it's there. This morning the package had been shipped to a different location & I may not be able to pick it up till after 6:00 if at all.

David Read More
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