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12/1/2015 Fedex USA - FedEx in Nashville sucks!
FedEx in Nashville sucks!!! a $700 phone was hung on the roadside mailbox in a bag, the large box left at mailbox instead of being taken to the house porch!!! Large very delicate box with antique inside left on the end of the porch, behind a bush on a rainy day... it sat there for 3 days unknown. I hate FedEx. I will NEVER USE your service again. FedEx was built on principles, but nowadays it is all about the money. Today a note was left on the door saying no one was home!!! RETARD SOMEONE WAS HERE ALL DAY FROM SUN UP TO SUN DOWN!!! TOO ^%$* LAZY TO ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO KNOCK AND WAIT FOR A RESPONSE> Knock lightly, stick the note and take off. On this side of Nashville, DELIVERY PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE TO MY PACKAGES IF THEY ARE LEFT UNATTENDED OR GET STOLEN DUE TO ASININE DELIVERY SERVICE!!!!!! FIRE them and close shop. Not worth being called a reliable company any more

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