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8/16/2013 FGB - Former Employee of First Gulf Bank and I need some help
I am a trader with First Gulf Bank and two years ago was to end my services in the company that I was working in Abu Dhabi and No. My Account is XXXXXXXXX branch Alkhbayrhccant I have a credit card and three years ago I was committed to payments monthly fully and you are a joint service insurance card in case of leaving work and at the end of my servicesin the company where I worked in Abu Dhabi made ??to the insurance company all the paperwork required and three months later was contacted me and told me that the insurance company did not agree to pay the remaining installments to Btaqhalaútman and Badsth months have been moving the check guarantee worth 30,000 dirhams and I could not enter the United Arab Emirates reviewing the insurance companyit issued a decision not to prevent the Syrians visas and now I'm displaced from Syria to the Turkish border, I do not have, but the value of a security check and I'm an engineer out of work and I hope you help and give me the address of your representative in Turkey to settle my situation to be able to return to Alamaarat

abdulkader mohamad hejaziRead More
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