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5/12/2016 Fifth Third Mortgage - Our mortgage was purchased by 5/3 a few months ago
Our mortgage was purchased by 5/3 a few months ago and it has been nothing but hell! For one, they will not allow me to speak to them because the loan is in my husbands name. DUMB!!! Second, we switched H.O. insurance and they are holding the payment hostage, to the point that we are about to be cancelled. The claimed they were overnighting the pmt on 5/10/2016. Well it's been overnight and then some. Get it together 5/3. It's this kind of incompetence that keeps us from banking with you.

Kelly Read More
9/9/2015 Fifth Third Mortgage - How do I refinance my 5th Bank mortgage? I need a lower payment
I have a mortgage on my house with a 5th bank, location. I would like to refinance so the payment would be reduced we are on fixed income and need lower payment, please help.

john Read More
5/8/2015 Fifth Third Mortgage - I have a mortgage with 5/3rd and if my payment
I have a mortgage with 5/3rd and if my payment isn't received by the 1st of the month they start calling me incessantly, 3-5 a day at times. We are trying to get caught up on bills as I was let go from my job. We have never fallen over 30 days but there are times that I cannot get the payment made until around the 15th of the month. I understand they want their payment on time, as I would love to make my payment on time, but unfortunately sometimes that is not possible. I also understand them calling me when it's late, but I would appreciate if they would wait at least until 10 days and then start calling instead of calling me on the 2nd of the month and again they call multiple times a day, everyday, any time of the day, even Sundays!! There have been class action suits against companies for this kind of harassment so I don't have a problem relaying this on to my attorney.

Laberta Read More
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