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8/23/2014 Financial Times - In New Haven CT the distributor refuses to deliver
In New Haven CT the distributor refuses to deliver the paper to me tho I paid almost $300.00. In July.
I keep phoning the distributor and they sometimes send it out later by a very disgruntled employee..
Perhaps they should try to find a better outfit?
Moore Davison, New Haven CT

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10/25/2012 I have been purchasing the Financial Times since
I have been purchasing the Financial Times since about 2005. In my opinion, it is the best global newspaper. Unfortunately, it's daily distribution in Ottawa, Canada, leaves a lot to be desired. Although the distributor, Connelly Newspaper Service, is able to get the most recent edition delivered to the downtown core, such as Mags&Fags on Elgin and Sheffields at the Rideau Centre, it delivers yesterday's edition to the rest of Ottawa for the same price (like Brittons on Richmond Road and Carlingwood Shopping Centre). This is a real inconvenience for readers of the Financial Times and I am sure it must decrease sales considerably. As a result, I do not consider the Financial Times as providing "world-class customer service". It is more like third rate. My advice:. Hire a new distributor for Ottawa, Canada, or ensure Connelly becomes a lot more efficient.

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