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5/12/2014 I've been with First Data for 3 years never needed
I've been with First Data for 3 years never needed any help thankfully. My Terminal lost it's programing last monday over a week ago. Your tech's couldn't download a new program to my existing terminal. I bought a new terminal Veriphone VX520 after confirming with tech support that it was compatible with your services. I received the new terminal and requested a terminal ID and then was told it wouldn't work with your service. The new terminal has been returned and a new terminal was delivered I then called for a new terminal ID on Friday and was told it would be processed within 3 days and to expect an email when it was ready.
Today is the 3rd day and I haven't received any emails from first data. I'm on the phone now and somebody just made a terminal ID for me in less than 5 minutes (what the ) you guy's SUCK

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