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FitBit® makes wearable fitness technology to assist you in making exercise and diet decisions.

FitBit Corporate
60 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023 USA

M-F 4am-8pm // Sa,Su 6am-5pm (PT)

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Tech Support: 1-877-623-4997
Corporate Number: 1-617-821-3306
Fax: 1-415-236-6009

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1-415-367-4102 Hint Needed - Please Comment
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11/12/2016 First my Fitbit works great but after 9 months my
First my Fitbit works great but after 9 months my band broke off. I placed the Fitbit in my pocket and it still works. I call the company to see if could get a new band. Since it was still under warranty and they had none in stock they are sending me a new upgraded Fitbit. Love this company

Tom Read More
10/29/2016 I bought a fitbit for my wife for our anniversary.
I bought a fitbit for my wife for our anniversary. It has been a piece of junk. She talked to customer service several times to no avail. Junk Junk Junk I will never buy this junk again.

Larry Rhodes Read More
10/4/2016 Purchased a new Fitbit Charge HR in March 2016,
Purchased a new Fitbit Charge HR in March 2016, but this tracker developed issues after a little more than 6 months, which could not be resolved by any factory resets, etc. that I attempted. I contacted Fitbit's main Customer Service Dept. and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to speak with a representative in less than 2 minutes. After explaining my issue and a few more attempts at correcting the situation, the rep. offered to provide me with a new replacement Tracker which I gladly accepted; I was even more surprised when I received a confirmation email from Fitbit, before I ended the call, advising that the replacement was being processed and that I should receive same within 5 - 7 business days. Great Job Fitbit.

Paul Read More
6/10/2016 Fitbit - My Surge HR has worked great since I got it last
My Surge HR has worked great since I got it last summer but the wristband is falling apart! It has a huge bubble in the material of the wristband right on top! I have never worn it in water and am not hard on it at all. I'm 65 so I just walk and don't get sweaty when I have it on. Is there a replacement wristband available?

Carol Read More
6/8/2016 Fitbit - Customer service was wonderful, too bad every
Customer service was wonderful, too bad every fitbit they sent me was defective.

Laura Read More
5/22/2016 Do not buy the Fitbit Flex - the clasp is
Do not buy the Fitbit Flex - the clasp is impossible plus it only lasts a few months. I purchased a flex for my wife for Christmas, she cannot get the clasp to lock by herself, I have to put a table knife under it so hold it solid enough to lock. The Engineer that designed the clasp needs to be fired. Then the clasps broke, so we purchased another set of 3 bracelets for $30 (ridiculous price), and after only 6 weeks two of those clasps have broken. So now we are out of warranty, and out of luck - bad deal. The Fitbit works fine, its the bracelets that are extremely bad design. It appears their higher priced units have a typical watchband clasp that looks like a much better design.

Curt Read More
2/23/2016 I keep having trouble getting my fitbit charge hr to synch
I keep having trouble getting my fitbit charge hr to stay synched up to my phone. I have to keep uninstalling my app and start over therefore losing all my history. I can really use some help.

Craig Read More
10/31/2015 Fitbit - I purchased the flex.My interest was one and one
I purchased the flex.
My interest was one and one only, to track the calories when I'm on my stationary bike.
Fitbit told me the only one that will do this is the surge,wrong.
I called Fitbit and they sent me a new one and it works the same way, that being it is 100 calories lower than what my gym bike shows in a 1/2 hour period.
As far as I'm concerned it is a farce and bait and switch.
They can have both watches back but I want my money returned for this oversold and overvalued item

Charles anstett Read More
9/9/2015 I have the FitBit Charge HR Rather frustrated
I have the FitBit Charge HR. Called support to find out what the pulse rate range was for the device. In other words just how high and low could the device register. I am sure it has some limits, need to know for personal reasons.

I asked for "tech Support" but have not been able to get an answer to what I would assume is a documented "specification" somewhere.

Rather frustrated.

Dan Read More
8/30/2015 I called Fitbit customer service because I could not reset my tracker
I called customer service because I could not get my tracker to reset. After an hour on the phone with their support service, they could not reset the tracker either. So the customer service person said that she would delete the account and I could reuse the same gmail account. However, that was not the case. I found out that they cannot provide this. What happens is that you have to go back in and use the account as an add-on. I was on the phone for over 2 hours with them to only find out that I cannot use my gmail. In fact, they instructed to set up a new account and I explained to them that it was not possible to do this as I cannot change the gmail account on my cell phone. This is the worst customer service I have ever explained. So I have no choice but to return my tracker to Costco as I cannot use my account gmail ever again to sync my tracker with my existing gmail account with my phone.

Georgia Read More
8/18/2015 Very excited to purchase the Fitbit Flex - But
Very excited to purchase the Fitbit Flex for keeping track of Steps in assisting in my exercise program, however in only 3 months it has quit working and I have been very careful to follow cleaning and care instructions and keeping the flex charged as needed. Very disappointed in the cost vs. quality, any device as expensive as this should last more than 3 months.
I will not purchase any other device or make recommendations to any friends to buy this product.

Rick Read More
3/28/2015 Fitbit - I purchased the Flex 3 days ago. It seemed not to
I purchased the Flex 3 days ago. It seemed not to be counting all my steps, so I tested it on my treadmill while also wearing my trusted pedometer at my waist. After 4,000 steps on my pedometer the Fitbit Flex counted 3,200.
I called the customer service number, 877-623-4997, and got the following response. " The Flex is basically counting arm movement." So if you are carrying a basket of laundry up 3 flights you get a zero. If I hold onto the handles of the treadmill, another zero. If I attach it to my Golden Retrievers tail and hold up a treat, I could get 100!
She said that they have gotten numerous complaints and that the "One" which clips to your pants or whatever works much better. But no fear, they are working on it. Too bad they knew that and still put it out there anyway. I mentioned that nowhere on the packaging does it say it counts only arm movement. She asked if I would like to transferred to the packaging department to submit my complaint. No. I just wanted my new $99 pedometer to be as accurate as my $5 one, and do what it promised.
Also, I live in the Mid West. Most of the food choices they give to log in your food I have never heard of. When I do scan one, it doesn't recognize it. I scanned Aunt Millie's Rye bread today and the response was in Korean.
MyFitnessPal does a much better job on the food log, including nutritional info.
Let's face it, a bright green wristband with flashing lights will draw more attention to curious people than a pedometer on your waistband. Heck, I fell for it. Probably be heading back to Costco for a refund.

Lisa Read More
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