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Florida Power & Light Company is the third-largest electric utility in the United States, serving approximately 4.7 million customer accounts across nearly half of the state of Florida

Florida Power & Light Corporate
Nextera Energy Inc Address:
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, FL 33408 USA

Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Tech Support:
Hearing or Speech Impaired: 711 Power Problems: 1-800-226-3545 Billing: 1-800-226-3545 Corporate: 1-561-694-4000

Phone Number

1-800-226-3545Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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7/2/2014 Florida Power & Light - I called this Stupid Customer service because I
I called this Stupid Customer service because I was having trouble with my computer and so I talked with their customer service rep. ( Absolutely, worthless0 I WANT TO PAY MY BILL, since I just got out the hospital. They don't take visa and because I don't want to pay another fee on top of the bill they can't help me. But they threaten me to turn off my power even though the check is in the mail
Gee, this this type of customer service they should just line up there customers who are a little behind and shoot them. This company is a rip off, fees here and there and they think their customer service is go great.

DonnaMaxRead More
11/3/2013 Florida Power & Light - I have tried to contact FPL to ask them to come
I have tried to contact FPL to ask them to come and trim some branches that are hanging on a FPL wire ...but am unable to reach anyone. Please help me.

CamiRead More
8/29/2013 Florida Power & Light - I need the FPL telephone phone number for reconnect service
I need the FPL telephone its not a new connection its a reconnect.

Eladiio, GarciaRead More
7/31/2013 Florida Power & Light - We had a lightning strike on July 13,2013, it hit
We had a lightning strike on July 13,2013, it hit our 100 year old Oak tree, shattered it. The strike also got our Verizon box, computer tower,TV, garage door opener. Verizon came, at our request, Verizon box was replaced it was fried. Computer tower (no service) advised to take it to staples to see what could be salvaged, etc. TV was also fried. Called our insurance office - can't help - 2500 deductible. Friends asked "Don't you have "power surge/lightning on your FPL bill.
checked our bill, YES, have been paying it since 2007. Called tree service for debris removal, OK, came 2 days later. Called Solid Waste for pickup,etc Everything has tobe bundled or cut 4" pieces for pickup. (no way, we are in our late 70's) asked tree service to haul debris away. Yes indeed, another $l00, to take it to County dump.
did so. Called phone numer on FPL bill for power surge info - yes we have insurance...save all receipts, get form on line and send toaddress on top of their page. Had no computer, went to public library, they printed forms. Dropped computer off at StAPES TO CHECK...WILL CALL BACK. They did so, Mother Board fried, will try to find a replacement, another 4 days, can't find replacement, will have to replace computer tower.Called Assurant Solutions again verifying it would be covered. OK ordered new Computer Tower. Took pictures of tree debris,TV, etc for insurance purposes. Got paperwork together with copies of receipts for Assurant Solutions. Called them to verify FAX #...have to have letters from all. receipts not good enough. What kind of racket do we have going on........called Consumer Services in Tallahassee, got form to report Assurant Solutions. We called FPL they can't stop the deduction on our power bill for Assurant Solutions (someone will call within 48 hours). Well HELLO, we are now in HURRICANE SEASON, someone better get their stories straight or we'll all be wiped out. So much forhaving moved to Florida 43 years ago. HELP, HELP. CA , Englewood

carolRead More
10/1/2012 Florida Power & Light - it isn't FPL, it is the Rothschilds and United
it isn't FPL, it is the Rothschilds and United Nations Agenda 21 that is corrupting all utilities around the world because the Rothschilds want to control every aspect of your life-if you don't believe me just type Agenda 21 into your search or browser box and look at a video that speaks about Agenda 21.

Sonny JackRead More
8/27/2012 Florida Power & Light - Not looking towards this years Hurricane Season
Not looking towards this years Hurricane Season (we live in Fla) when hurrican Wilma /and Frances hit both times our power was out! the first time 6 weeks the second time 3 weeks!! we went thru hell!!! and not to mention half the block had power half didnt ,was told they were on a different grid... anyway when our light bill came i was very thrilled to open it, because i figured we didint use any power so ,our bill should be "ZERO" how WRONG were we, not only me but every one who had lost power !!! our bill was itemized to reflect the bill from the prior bill (before the hurricane) which was $349.80 !!! i nearly hit the floor , but yet after many calls to city hall officals we got no where!! then when it happend again (no power for 2 wks ) bill came in ,charged for the full 30 days...plus we have that "on call" button inserted in our home, that supposively saves you money when the power usage is too high..they will interup certain power in our home...ie toaster,pool pump,and only Lord know what else.... i told my husband that this year WHEN our power goes out due to a hurricane i will personally video our meter (to back us up, to show we had use of no power ! and let them try to collect..i will get petions and open up a claim against this (i have 3 family member whom work for lawyers ;)

gitoRead More
7/24/2012 Florida Power & Light - as i read most of the comments, i see a very
as i read most of the comments, i see a very common theme...fp&l just does NOT care whether some one ''steals'' their power or tries to report that theft...no response, just a lot more bs from the one answering the phone. i have been trying to get a theft situtation resolved now for over 60 days, to NO AVAIL. try to e mail them, there is NOT one single address to send them ANYTHING [except your payment] they DO NOT want a ''trail'' for ANYONE to follow....tell them that your going to record your phone conversation, and watch how the previous answers given CHANGE due to records of conversation being kept by the caller....IT IS AMAZING that they can continue to get away with this....the psc is too busy to even respond to complaints, having ''lunches'' with all those exec's of fp&l. if they caught 100 theives would my bill go down????? NO they would just declare another divident for the share-holders....what a racket!!!!!

daveRead More
6/27/2012 Florida Power & Light - My brother in law has somehow figured out how to
My brother in law has somehow figured out how to plug up his box by drilling a hole at the bottom. He usually plugs in up in the evening and the weekends, when he knows they won't be checking. He started complaining that e had an $80.00 electric bill. He has a 3/2 house with a pool. I finally got tired of it and I called to report it. The customer service rep was very rude and acted like he did not have time for me. All he said to me was, well it's still active.....whatever that means! He has been doing this for over ayear. So, I suppose if FP&L wasnt to loose thousands of dollars thats on them.

LisaRead More
6/11/2012 Florida Power & Light - I live in Skowhegan, Maine and am so disgusted
I live in Skowhegan, Maine and am so disgusted with the manner in which the dam here is controlled as are all my neighbors! Sometimes as many as 4 times a year the ancient section of your dam remains open for weeks after heavy water causing terrible damage to fish and fowl and ruining many vacations for those using and living on the drained river banks. The company needs to replace the very old section that causes this situation for so long as boards are released and float away down river taking weeks to replace.
For years we have complained and are told it is necessary for repairs -yes? Repairs on a much needed MODERN dam section! Don't tell me the owners can't afford the solution!! Money is the root of all evil! My husband died last year but he was a PHD research chemist and fought his last 30 years to contact dam owners, including you, unsuccessfully. He understood how you operate the dam. It's OUR river!
Again this year the river in front of our house unneccesarily for weeks is nothing but mud (as we again cancel a famiy reunion) with family cancelling flights from all over the country- trying to reschedule flights and missing a wonderful time together swimming, fishing, boating and sailing.Discusting, unforgivable company policy!

Dorothy CleaverRead More
6/6/2012 Florida Power & Light - I would like to be able to make my paynment this
I would like to be able to make my paynment this month using my credit card. My account is debited by you on the 24th. How can I do this. I may not have the money when they normally debit (around the 24th but will be fine by the 26th of the month. Can you do this? or will you change my due date to the 26 of the month or after.

TedRead More
5/8/2012 Florida Power & Light - PATHETIC service!
PATHETIC service!

wRead More
5/8/2012 Florida Power & Light - I have been working as a meter reader/revenue
I have been working as a meter reader/revenue protection officer/theft protection for the past 3 years and know im a jr operator at the plant at the plant that im working at this moment thats the steps and procedures if im interested in working are appliny for a job at FPL in florida.

kevanRead More
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