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9/23/2012 Food Lion - Let me start by saying that my daughter
Let me start by saying that my daughter specifically asked me NOT to write this letter of complaint, however, I am FED UP with the managers at the Nashville Food Lion. Today, around lunch time, my daughter and I were buying yogurt, I went to the bathroom and when I came back my daughter was obviously distraught. She would not tell me what was wrong at first, but after some coaxing, she finally told me that a manager had hit on her and she described him to me. I knew which manager she had been talking about, I had noticed him before being disrespectful and down right rude to both employees and customers (myself included). However, it didn’t feel personal until he hit on my FIFTEEN YEAR OLD daughter. I am outraged! Are back ground checks done before a person is hired? He could be a pedophile! What do you really know about this man? My daughter and I immediately went through check out, I described the manager and my cashier told me his name was Daniel. I don’t know why Food Lion would hire someone so unprofessional but I sincerely hope you get your heads straight and get rid of him because the next time he says ONE word to my daughter, I will call the law and claim harassment. Can’t a mother go to a grocery store with her FIFTEEN YEAR OLD daughter and not be harassed by select members of management? This needs to be stopped immediately.

AudrinaRead More
11/17/2011 Food Lion - 11/17/2011 We are proud to have a new Manager,
11/17/2011 We are proud to have a new Manager, Fred Peace at the Beatties Ford/LaSalle
Street location. Our store has a face lift inside and out. The isles are wide
and shopper friendly. The organization helps me select my products faster. My
shopping time is effective, and efficient. In the past I've driven four miles
to the Food Lion at Sunset Road, due to the store issues. There were long
waits at the cashier, and low control of larceny. I've purchased my groceries
and all were not there after I unpacked my food. I got little to no help
from management. Today, you get a hello greeting from not just security,
but Manager Peace. There is great security as you leave the store, and Fred
Peace is on the job, too. Happy Thanksgiving to All the Food Lion employees.
Have A Productive Shopping Day, Carolyn Love

CarolynRead More
2/24/2011 Please tell me why Food Lion in Wilmington, NC
Please tell me why Food Lion in Wilmington, NC raised the price of name brand name pasteurized orange juice from $2.79 to $3.49 and at the same time put it on sale for "only $2.99". I feel food Lion managers or corporate views shoppers as dim witted and easily duped. Do you really think we do not monitor prices, especially for the products we reguarlary purchase? This has happened with other products also. I have been a loyal shopper but I don't like this underhanded way of raising prices. Just raise the price. I will buy it or not, depending on how high it goes, but don't raise the price and attempt to make me think I am getting a sale price.

LucyRead More
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