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Satellite Office
Food and Nutrition Service, USDA
Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse, Ste. 426
401 West Washington Street, SPC 65
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2159
602-379-6019 fax

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-352-8401 Review Needed Please Comment


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7/10/2014 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - i justed drove by a jack in the box in peoria that
i justed drove by a jack in the box in peoria that had a sign saying "we accept ebt" Is this true and are there other restaurants in az that take ebt? any feedback is appreciated. thank you

richard Read More
2/20/2014 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - can a person in phx az get foodstamps after
can a person in phx az get foodstamps after convicted of a drug charge. this happened 2 years ago . has anything changed i need help.

james Read More
1/23/2014 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - I found a persons Arizona Quest card in the parking lot
I found a persons Arizona Quest card in the parking lot when I was shopping. I looked to see if there was a number for FOUND cards, but when I called the only number I found it is for lost/stolen cards and asks for your own PIN # before continuing. I would really like to find this person who has lost it because I am sure they truly need it for themselves and/or their family. I hope there is a way that someone can help me with contacting this person, or at least having a way they can contact them so they do not have to go through a card renewal and have to wait a long time for another and for their benefits. I appreciate a response,

Sincerely, David

David Read More
10/9/2013 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - Hello i suppose to get 159.00 every 7th of the month
Hello i suppose to get 159.00 every 7th of the month for my EBT assistance, but this past 7th, i received 41.00, What can i do, or call. So I can talk about it.Please. let me know, Where to go, and do.

Perla Molina Read More
9/19/2013 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - I would like to suggest to the ebt/food
I would like to suggest to the ebt/food stamp/nutrition assistance program that they add MOBILE APPLICATION as a feasible option to apply for assistance online. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has difficulty finding transportation to and from DES to complete the application/ interview process. For this reason, my benefits often lapse requiring me to reapply as if I am a new applicant. I was relieved to hear there would be a way to apply online. Much to my frustration and disappointment, I discovered this accommodation did not extend to applicants with mobile web service on their phones. I don't have a home computer because I don't have a home. My mother provides my mobile phone so that we can remain in contact. As I stated before, I am homeless and can't always find a place to stay indoors or a ride to DES or even enough money to ride a bus. It would be of great benefit for me to be able to download an app that I could access DES information as well as fill out and send my application and subsequent renewal applications online without having the benefit of a home computer - or a home to house it in! Apps are the current latest way to receive info..I can't be the only one that could benefit from a DES MOBILE APP. Thank you for your consideration.

Robin Vollmer Read More
5/25/2013 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - I would say that you just weren't listening or you
I would say that you just weren't listening or you didn't read the documents they sent to you. My daughter did the exact same thing. I told her to get out the letters she got from DES and see what it said. VOILA! Documents aren't meant to be tossed aside.

Cher Read More
2/1/2013 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - Hello I just got my EBT food stamp card renewed
Hello I just got my EBT food stamp card renewed and I yet to notice anything on my account, I didn't pass for emergency food stamps so I waited til the 1st of Feb, even with all this waiting still nothing is showing? please I need some kind of assistance from someone, I have been back and forth to the main office but no help I live in Tucson,Arizona and I just moved into my new place but food isn't helping my way of living right now and I was told that I would have my stamps by the start of this month, but again nothing is showing for? Who do I talk to? and what can I do to fix this problem?
Please and thank you...

Maurice Read More
10/3/2012 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - I started to read the last comment and I fell
I started to read the last comment and I fell asleep.

Brian Read More
9/10/2012 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - Hi,I lost my food stamp card....where do I call to
I lost my food stamp card....where do I call to replace it!

Donald Read More
11/1/2011 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - i am wanting to renewul my foodstamp
i am wanting to renewul my foodstamp

Keiesha Read More
1/21/2011 Food Stamps Arizona AZ EBT - To Whom it may concern,To all of the Illiterate
To Whom it may concern,
To all of the Illiterate personnel of the food stamp program please get assistance in understanding this message, and to those of you who consider yourself to be literate please explain the following to myself and all of the others you have told the following; "If you wish to keep the same PIN number press 1, Your pin number will remain the same." Now after being told this and my limited knowledge of the English language I assumed and understood this to mean that my PIN number is to remain what it was before the issuing of this new card. However, this is not true. It did not keep have and/or was not able to use this new card with the "same, identical, repeated, or copy of the previously used pin number." It was necessary for me to call in and "change my PIN number" to the number that I previously used before I could use my Quest card. I found this to be very embarrassing at the checkout stand with a cart full of groceries unable to use my card do to your intentional and deliberate wrong information that you had me perform an extra step for to keep the same PIN number. I would like to think that the people in charge of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars of federal aid money would at least be proficient in the English language. So here I will quote the dictionary definition for your benefit because obviously you do not have and/or use one.
same: 1. Identical with what is about to be or has just been mentioned: (Random House Webster's College Dictionary - second edition 1997)
I will assume the definition has not changed in the last thirteen years. If it has then I apologize and will need to replace my copy however It has not failed me.
My major point is if you are unable to figure it out on your own is if I am always required to call in and set my PIN number why did you waste my time, Lie to me, have me waste gas and time telling me it would remain the same when I received this card? I do expect an answer to this simple question and a change in the information you tell you consumers. I will be sending a copy of this letter to my appropriate state and federal legislators.
Charles Rogers Jr.

A quien pueda interesar,
Por favor a todo el personal analfabeto del programa de cupones para alimentos, obtener ayuda en la comprensión de este mensaje y a aquellos de ustedes que consideras que sabe leer y escribir por favor explicar lo siguiente a mí mismo y todos los demás que ha dicho lo siguiente: "Si desea mantener la misma prensa número PIN 1, su número de pin seguirá siendo la misma". Ahora después de que se le dijo esto y mi conocimiento limitado del inglés asume y entendido en el sentido de que mi número PIN es seguir siendo lo que era antes de la expedición de esta nueva tarjeta. Sin embargo, esto no es cierto. No se mantuvo han o no fue capaz de utilizar esta nueva tarjeta con la "misma, idénticos, repetidos, o copia del número pin utilizada anteriormente." Era necesario para que pueda llamar y "mi número PIN cambiar" al número que utilicé previamente antes de que podría usar mi tarjeta de Quest. Encontré este a ser muy vergonzoso en el stand de pago y envío con un carro lleno de comestibles no puede utilizar mi tarjeta a su información errónea intencional y deliberada que tenía me realizar ningún paso adicional para mantener el mismo PIN número. Me gustaría pensar que la gente de millones de dólares, si no miles de millones de dólares de dinero de la ayuda federal por lo menos sería competente en el idioma inglés. Así que aquí lo cito la definición de diccionario para su beneficio porque, evidentemente, usted no tiene o utilice uno.
mismo: 1. idénticos con lo que está a punto de o se acaba de mencionar: (Random House del College diccionario Webster - segunda edición 1997)
Supongo que será la definición no ha cambiado en los últimos trece años. Si tiene luego pedir disculpas y tendrá que reemplazar mi copia sin embargo no me ha fallado.
¿Mi punto importante es que si no puede averiguar fuera en tu propio es si yo estoy siempre que llame y establezca mi número PIN por qué usted perder mi tiempo, se encuentran a mí, me habéis gases residuales y el tiempo que me dice que seguirá siendo el mismo cuando recibí esta tarjeta? Espero una respuesta a esta pregunta simple y un cambio en la información te indicará los consumidores. Realizaré una copia de esta carta a mi estado apropiado y los legisladores federales.
Charles Rogers Jr.

Charles Rogers Jr. Read More
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