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Food Stamps Connecticut CT Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Connecticut Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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1-800-842-1508 Review Needed Please Comment


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11/8/2015 Food Stamps Connecticut EBT SNAP CT - My ebt card not working
My ebt card not working

fantasia Read More
11/19/2012 Food Stamps Connecticut EBT SNAP CT - food stamps Problems in Connecticut
My boyfriend Norman has been waiting over 6 mos just to hear approval on food stamp eligibility.
once again access in willimantic fed up and sent everything to his wrong address
this is absolutely horrible that nobody can even return his call and say we will get back to you
i called somebody in hartford at the main office and got help
i am so ready to call the Attorney Generals office as well as channel 3 this is bs you can't even get a fing answer
his friend got medical and food stamps way before him and he applied way after him
what the f is wrong with this system

melissa manocchia Read More
1/23/2011 Food Stamps Connecticut EBT SNAP CT - Since before Thanksgiving I've wanted to sincerely
Since before Thanksgiving I've wanted to sincerely say THANK YOU to someone for this program. Because of it I've been able to buy more healthy fruits and vegetables that I would not have because of their cost and my budget. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to all who make this program possible. I hope and pray it will continue especially in this harsh economy.
I do wish I could buy my vitamins and food supplements using my EBT SNAP card. I would be willing to give up the ability to buy candy and soda in exchange. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
If possible, I'd like to especially thank Foodshare's Krista Ostaszewski for her kind help in realizing that I don't have to feel a lesser member of society by accepting this help.

Kathy Read More
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