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1-800-462-2614Press # at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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3/29/2014 Ford Interest Advantage - Poor ServiceThis is the fourth time in a row
Poor Service
This is the fourth time in a row since January that my account has locked me out. Each and every time I call I'm given an apology.
I have been an Interest Advantage custom for well over 15 years and have had access problems for most of those years with apology after apology. I have even had Customer Service reps acknowledge that " we are having some problems with the site".
I would hope at some point Senior Management is made aware of continual web site problems

FYI Locked out again this afternoon with no one to assist me even though my monthly statement reads Web Site support 24/7

RobertRead More
3/17/2010 Ford Interest Advantage - Cancel any and all of my information for my
Cancel any and all of my information for my registration for my enter net conection and let me know when and how for me to reenter ford credt by the enter net all over again.Info you might need for securty. william E, Brundage, I am a member of Ford Dredit. Interst advantage.

williamRead More
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