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6/8/2017 Fox Rent A Car - Rented out of Denver, and was not impressed by
Rented out of Denver, and was not impressed by their personnel handling customers. Shuttle ride was great, I can say that!
They did not have the car I rented, but were able to accommodate with a comparable car at no additional cost. However, what I had an issue with was the customer service representative behind the counter did not care to communicate he was looking for a vehicle to fill my reservation, but left his station, and walked passed me a couple times. I finally asked another representative where mine went! She explained, and I was able to resume a reasonable mental thought on how this experience was going. Second, I was being asked to sign that the rental car was in acceptable condition without even seeing the car, which I insisted on seeing before I signed anything. I am glad I did this because there was multiple scratches, dings, and dents (including hail damage!) on the car. I marked up the small sheet indicating all places where damage was noticed, including mentioning dirty seats in the front and back seats of the car. While this in no way affected the car's functional ability, I felt it was alarming I was getting ready to sign away on a vehicle that would have tagged me for the responsibility of all these noted defects on the body. Even the representative filling the order said to me that they trust the car is in great shape, and is why he was asking I sign the sheet prior to seeing it. Again, glad I didn't.
At check in, the representative was lethargic and largely unmotivated to check-in with enthusiasm. Additionally, he asked for my rental agreement, and inquired about whether or not I'd run into hail (which I had marked up on the sheet indicating all damage already done to the car), and I answered, "No sir, what is on the car was there when I rented it". Additionally, the representative tried to tell me I put alot of miles on the car, and I answered and told him, "It was unlimited mileage".
I did received my deposit back; however, the hassle was not welcomed, nor was the under-handed way things were handled. I would not recommend FOX for first-time renters- especially if you aren't familiar with how prepared you need to be in order to handle a rental, nor will I be returning to them. I used FOX vs. the other company I usually use because it was $100 cheaper, however, after the hassle and lack of professionalism displayed by employees enthusiastic about their job and customer service, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I did feel the car was worth the value, it worked for the business I had to address on this trip, but too risky with the liability.

Charlotte E. Read More
7/8/2016 Fox Rent A Car - very bad service at fox car rental. cars were not
very bad service at fox car rental. cars were not ready so i had to take a large 4 runner after i had rented a mid size car. wife had a stroke last year and had a very hard time trying to get into the 4 runner. and was also talked into buying their insurance after i had already purchased car rental insurance from another company. was told the other insurance was not good enough and that a quick phone call would get the insurance canceled. that was not the case. still out the cost of that insurance.

will never rent from fox car rental again.

fred Read More
12/31/2015 Fox rent a car kauai stay away Rude
Fox rent a car kauai stay away
Rude and trying to Aggressively sell insurance you don t need
Their general manager Ty.W is unprofessional .goes after your wallet ,not your satisfaction
Bad .really bad

Jc Read More
12/16/2015 Fox Rent A Car - called your customer service number and have been
called your customer service number and have been on hold 12 mins and still holding

joy Read More
8/26/2015 Fox Rent A Car Here it is 8/25/15 and they are still over billing
Here it is 8/25/15 and they are still over billing people. Time to call the BBB! The total through Expedia was $194.67 and Fox charged a total on my card of $409.17, a difference of $214.50 that I was not made aware of. I am very sad I am reading these reviews after my experience?.

Steve Read More
8/11/2015 Fox Rent A Car - We "thought" we had a good experience with Fox
We "thought" we had a good experience with Fox Rental Car in Phoenix; however, a short time later we received a citation charge saying that we were " speeding greate" on a day and time that we weren't even driving the car!!! Trying to solve this problem has been a nightmare! We can't get in touch with luck. We did receive a copy of the citation from an Arizona city that we didn't even visit!!! AND the citation has a picture of a black driver and we are white!!!!l. Fox even gave the collection company our credit card number!!!!

We keep getting notices and can't solve the problem. This has been as frustrating of a situation as we have experienced with a rental car company!!! This situation is still not settled, and we have spent hours on the phone.

T. Read More
5/24/2015 Fox Rent A Car - This is the worst rental car company.
This is the worst rental car company.

nori Read More
3/27/2015 Fox Rent A Car - Fox car rental company may seem like a good deal
Fox car rental company may seem like a good deal compared to the others but do not be fooled. When they asked us if we wanted insurance we said no because we are fully covered by our insurance. They wanted proof of our insurance and would not give us the car unless we purchased their insurance. When we received our bill it was more than double the price we received online. DO NOT use Fox car rental! I know we won't again.

Karen Read More
2/11/2015 Fox Rent A Car - Bait and Switch in Florida! I was charged double
Bait and Switch in Florida! I was charged double what I was promised when I rented a convertible. I was told "sorry you should have called before you turned the vehicle back in." They did not provide a paper contract to me, but kept both copies. I did not notice in my haste to get out of there, and was also distracted by the completely disgusting state of the inside of the car. I literally stopped and bought some Clorox wipes to wipe the car down. Will not do business again with this company.

Forlorn in Florida Read More
12/16/2013 Fox Rent A Car is the Worst! Bad Customer Service
The WORST, addons, additional charges, bad customer service.
RUN ! By bill was THREE times the confirmation.

Phoenix Read More
11/11/2013 Fox Rent A Car You get what you pay for
Fox Rent A Car.... how should I put this and still have my post be worthy of being posted? Fox Rent A Car should not be in operation! The experience my family had from the time we boarded the Fox shuttle van at the Orlando Airport and arrived (8:00 pm) at the Fox Rent A Car counter was horrible. We waited in line for 2 1/2 hours at the Orlando Fox Car Rental counter, listening to complaining, arguing and yelling from the customers who were being waited on in front of us. Complete chaos is a great description. Finally, 2 1/2 hours later (10:30 pm) we were standing in front of the Fox Car Representative. The office was filthy as well as the counter. Even though our online reservation said that we would be charged $227.66 at the time of the rental ... the Fox Rep informed us that we were being charged $377.56. The Fox Rep said it was a security deposit and would be refunded when the car was returned (3 weeks after ... good grief). None the less, the online reservation did not indicated in any way that we would have to pay more than $150.00 over the online reservation. WAIT ... WAIT ... there is more.
Just noted a charge on my credit card bill today (11/11/13) that we are being charged for Rent A Car Tolls. What is this??? Sometime between July 2011 and our last Florida trip in 2009, the Florida State Turnpike Authority removed the toll booths that allow drivers to pay cash for tolls along the southernmost leg of the highway and replaced them with automated cameras. When cars drive past, the camera records the license plate number and drivers who don't have a SunPass sensor are billed for the toll, plus an administrative fee. Our toll and administrative fees came to $15.00 - had no clue. Why did Fox Rent A Car not inform of us of this and how can they legally give the State of Florida my credit card information without my knowledge? Is this Legal???
Never ever, ever will Fox Rent A Car be a service or recommendation from me or my family. I would rather have paid more for a company that is honest and forthright will all fees, information, etc. I guess it goes to prove ... "You get what you pay for!"

Mary Read More
7/8/2013 Fox Rent A Car - Worst I have ever seen. They charged my card $400
Worst I have ever seen. They charged my card $400 for the deposit and when I returned the car they gave me my receipt with an $88 credit which I still have not received after 2 months and several calls to customer service and several promises that the credit had been processed and would take 14 days. B.S.....

Joe Read More
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