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n 1982, Ray Berry and his wife, Beverly, opened a small store dedicated to providing quality foods in a friendly atmosphere. Over the past 25 years, The Fresh Market has grown because of our dedication to our customers who enjoy the same high quality and amiable service we do. With a growing national market, we continue to focus on stellar customer service and strive to keep the specialty neighborhood grocer feeling that our customers have grown to love.

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5/25/2012 Fresh Market - I purchased a rye bread from your store in
I purchased a rye bread from your store in Charlotte NC recently and noticed that it was different than the rye bread I normally bought.I was told after looking at the label and seeing the texture and taste of the recent purchase that it was not the sam caliber of the bread I normally bought.
I went back to the store(Located at the Strwberry Hill shopping center on providence rd.)and spoke to the bakery manager who informed me that they(corporate)changed vendors.I told him this new bread was terrible iaste had big air holes and was not worth the .50 cent savings.He was very nice insisted I take another bread free which I relly didn't want because that was not my purpose but he insisted so I thanked him and did.
Now I am getting ready to bring back the free bread because even for no charge it's not worth it.I will have to search another store out to find a good rye bread.You had something good and you let it go by for a mere .50 cent difference if that was your objective you have lost me as a long time customer who has been shopping there for over twenty years(before located on selwyn ave.and also carmel road.Selwyn closed and I go to both of the other store when needed my bread.

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8/17/2011 Fresh Market - As a regular Whole Foods and Trader Joe shoppers
As a regular Whole Foods and Trader Joe shoppers from New England and California(not to mention former farmer's markets), we longed for something "better" down here in Florida when we retired. We really looked forward to patronizing your store. Although you gave us some really good options, it still falls far short of expectations.....mostly in the managing and customer service areas...and in the freshness of your produce. And that too, I expect lies in your management rather than the product itself....wilted...brown..moldy! The produce at Sam's Club is fresher and lasts longer...and I buy A LOT OF PRODUCE. Furthermore, I'm not exactly the committed discount shopper. I am willing to pay for the best food choices.

The area of your store that I absolutely love is the selection of fresh fish, meat and poultry....not to mention your delicious desserts. THAT KEEPS ME COMING BACK. I'm a Starbucks gal, but your coffee beans are excellent, too.

What really irritate me, is that there is no regular system in place for purchasing items at these specialty counters. Your store on Rt. 466 in the Villages is never all that busy, yet getting waited on is almost always a challenge. Many times I find absolutely no one behind the counter to wait on me. Frequently, the employee is behind the glass doing chores, cooking something, or waiting on another customer at the other end of the lane. You need to go to the meat section when ordering fish, etc. ...or if you intend to get both, you have to make sure to drag him with you before someone else nabs him. Many times it is hard to figure out who is first. Customers have to devise their own system. There does seem to be some sort of number on the wall behind the center of the counter, but there is no machine which spits out the numbers? The staff, by and large, are good people who seem knowledgeable about their area and try to be helpful...if you ever get to one. I will confess that I tend to be a last minute shopper in the 4-6 time slot. I want something really fresh for dinner and pop into the store to get it. I'm a little frustrated that it seems to be such a challenge, yet I go because of the quality you offer.

I keep patronizing you store, because I keep hoping that you will eventually work out the kinks. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED in the Villages! It was in that spirit that I spoke to your manager, Rob last evening. By the way, that is the first time that I ever ran across a manager that was visible in your store after patronizing it since you opened here. Your employees at the register are lovely people, and when I mentioned the situation in the back to one of them awhile ago they urged me to speak to a manager. I said OK and waited for him to come out to speak to him....he never arrived and I went home that time. This time I did stress my concerns and was surprised at his initial attitude. His first response was that I was wrong about having to wait! There was almost never a wait, etc. That there was a number system in place, etc. When I asked him to show me how to use it, he pointed up to the lighted number board. I said where do you get the number? He said...oops..I don't think we have the number machine out. THERE WAS NO MACHINE. He then said people don't use it anyway. Pretty hard to use something that isn't there. Then he told me all the reasons why he felt they were not understaffed....that the people inside the glass room should be quicker to come out....that the lone wolf at all the counters should call for back up, etc. It turned into an negligent employer issue which I don't think is the real case. They appear to be doing multiple tasks very diligently and politely. His final comment was something like what to do expect...this is the Villages? What is that supposed to mean?

I hope you address this management concern with some sort of in service training. How to be visible to to organize service in a speciality store to address customers concerns in a positive non confrontational manner, etc. I want your store to stick least until a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's gets here!

On a more positive note, your Village's store has gotten a little better about having the quantities available for your special offerings....the one's advertised on the net. That, too, was very frustrating to arrive in the afternoon on the first day only to be told that you had already run out of that special fish item in the morning.

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