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10/4/2014 Friendlys - Went to the Friendly's in Sturbridge, MA. Stopped
Went to the Friendly's in Sturbridge, MA. Stopped in the the Ladies room while my family was seated. The bathroom had an intense urine smell that hit guests as soon as they walked in, the floors were yellow and sticky. As I walked in I expressed my feeling, a worker was in the next stall came out and walked out like if she lost her sense of smell. I got my family and we walked out of the restaurant but not before politely bringing the issue up to the manager who said " I just got on". That stench gad to be there longer than a day. I looked at all the patrons and felt bad for them. If that's how they keep their bathroom, I don't want to see the kitchen, where they actually work with my food.

S.VazquezRead More
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