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9/6/2014 I cannot contact Frito Lay in La Mirada, CA
I cannot contact Frito Lay in La Mirada, CA because this is a Saturday morning and it should not wait. So this is probably for that particular distribution site.
When does a Frito Lay truck drive along the street at 40 mph (legal limit) at 5 am without their headlights or any lighting on in their truck? This particular location I observed this was on La Mirada Blvd between Rosecrans & Imperial Hwy (he was delivering his products to the Stater Bros Market (I live in front of this market) at about 5:15am on Saturday September 6, 2014. We just had a two car crash up from where I observed this, yesterday. So I would highly suggest if you do not want more litigation with a crash (it will be Frito Lay's fault 100%) you should kindly ask your driving that it is best to turn on the headlamps at 5am. It was totally dark outside. FYI, I walk this route daily at about this time. There! You see! I just saved your company a lot of money and the driver his job. And, it did not cost you a penny.
You can email me if you wish.

CarlRead More
1/18/2014 Frito Lay - I found a big hard orange block of cheese in doritos dinamites
Yo i found a big hard orange block of cheese in my doritos dinamites an i bit into and it was nasty af . Customer service was closed so i had to write here

Should i be concerned ??!?!?!?!?

#Imma sue if i get sick

CarlosRead More
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