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Frontier Communications is a television cable, phone and internet provider that serves mostly rural areas. Verizon has moved some customers in rural areas to Frontier Communications.

Former Verizon CUSTOMERS:
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in West Virginia?
Call 1-877-352-7011
Are you a Former Verizon Customer in another state?
Call 1-877-462-8188
Did you become a Frontier Customer before June 30, 2010?
Call 1-800-921-8101

Phone Number

1-800-239-4430Say Agent


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2/25/2017 Frontier Communications - i do not have a dial tone
i do not have a dial tone

diane MartinRead More
1/26/2017 Frontier Communications - I have called and called almost every month to get
I have called and called almost every month to get our phone fixed. The company said it was fixed, for a couple days and then the noise is so bad you can't hear what any one is saying. They were to fix it again this week, no fix again.
I'm terminating Frontier.

granyRead More
1/24/2017 Frontier Communications - Been trying to resolve a breach of service
Been trying to resolve a breach of service promised by salesperson. Promised internet service would be adequate to stream DirecTV programming. It would not. Did not work the day it was installed, the next day tech spent 3 hours trying to resolve issue (all on companies end, not in my home). The neat thing was I got to listen to his communications on their speaker phone. The tech knew more about the problems then their troubleshooters. Once it came up, it would not download fast enough for streaming. Cancelled service the second day. Spoke to customer service and stated my case, they agreed with me that I didn't owe them anything. Received bill for installation. Sent letter along with bill back to them reiterating my case. Received second bill threatening collection. Spent a hour on the phone, mostly waiting, trying to resolve issue. Hopefully new agent processed new info to delete charges, but did indicate that supervisor approval was required. i.e. I still don't know if issue is taken care of. Do not use Frontier, they don't have it together.

DennyRead More
1/16/2017 Frontier Communications - You've heard that old saying "The squeaky wheel
You've heard that old saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well, we've been squeaking to Frontier since December 22, 2016 to absolutely no avail! They promised to fix the phone on January 3, 2017....but did not. Then they promised that it would be repaired on January 9, 2017....but it wasn't. Now they're promising that the phone will be working by January 19, 2017. We shall see...... We pay each month for an interior wire repair. At this point we have no idea if our problem is exterior, interior....or something else. "A down wire" has been the explanation when we've called. Oh, and by the way....each call means we're on hold for 20-40 minutes.

ColleenRead More
1/7/2017 Frontier Communications - "Customer service" does not exist in Frontierland.
"Customer service" does not exist in Frontierland. I waited almost all day for someone who should set up my Fios, which was ordered LAST month. No show, no call, no nada. Meanwhile my DSL service has been out for a wk and a half. They have no hurry trying to fix that either. The number listed for almost ANY reason to call them is in Connecticut--yeah, that's a big help for us on the West Coast. Also the number listed here is having "difficulties, Call back later." How great is that? The phone co. can't control its own phones.

TamaraRead More
12/9/2016 Frontier Communications - I was very pleased with Service Coordinate Bill,He
I was very pleased with Service Coordinate Bill,He walked me through,& Very patient, in telling me what to do to get lines running through TV.He is sending Repairman out today, to see what is wrong. Thank you , Charlotte

CharlotteRead More
11/2/2016 Frontier Communications - The worst service I have ever had from any company
The worst service I have ever had from any company in ALL areas, not just communications.
Is Frontier not capable of running this company? I had such excellent service prior to their takeover.

Marcia Read More
11/1/2016 Frontier Communications - I just called customer service as I didn't have
I just called customer service as I didn't have Internet, TV and phone from the last one week. The lady on the line was sooooo rude oh my God how they put such RUDE people to take care of their customers who already have suffered so much. Her name was Beuhal and when I said am going to complain she said ok, they are not going to fire me. I am shocked by her behavior. And I was on line and she hanged the phone. Frontier!! what a great customer service you're providing.

SaudaRead More
10/8/2016 Frontier Communications - This is the worst! Called last month to
This is the worst! Called last month to disconnect internet service because it didn't work after repeated calls and no show technical support.people. Modem installed by Frontier didn't work and sought out another service to connect to internet.then cancelled service by phone with Frontier. This month received bill charging us $150 for non functioning install on top of normal charges for cancelled service which, as it turns out, was never cancelled. Constant disconnects while talking to customer support, lies about changes to service and endless waits on phone are intolerable and very frustrating. This service is a bad joke on unsuspecting clients being bilked out of money through this company's incompetence.

PaulRead More
10/4/2016 Frontier Communications - totally SUCK!
totally SUCK!

DonnyRead More
10/4/2016 Frontier Communications - OMG I would never ever use this company. I don't
OMG I would never ever use this company. I don't have them thank God but, my in laws do & they r in there 80's & not well. They live near Toledo,Ohio
Here is the story it started on September 12th 2016, & we are now at Oct 4th 2016 NO HELP at ALL but, they say on we have a ticket on it. I understand u have a ticket you should have lots of tickets w/all the complaints we have told this company about. I personally have talked to people in Conn, Florida, Texas & Georiga OMG really & NO ONE in OHIO. Even have asked to speak to a supervisior & nothing mama we will get some out there to fix the problem.. DAMN LIARS this company is.

There landline is not useable at all. So much noise on the line no one can hear calling. Doctors office have to tried to call & can not get through. So DAMN SAD!!!! They have life alert that goes through the phone company & can't use it. I have used my phone & called them to let them know what going on w/Frontier. SAD!!!
They have life alert & can't use it. Number of people have tried to get Frontier out there to fix the lines NOTHING for almost a month. My father is now in the hospital & she had a stroke & needs the phone service
they are playing for each month. SAD Please people DON"T use this worthless company know as Frontier
I am today contracting a TV station to see if we can get any help there. This company does give a shit about service! Plus the State Attorney General Office but that will take some time, but at least the will investgate this Worthless company call "Frontier". Is mine opinion but, there phone records can back everything up with all the call ins & tickets they have done nothing w/ but put in the trash or what ever they do w/them
Thank you Deb

Debra NickelRead More
9/23/2016 Frontier Communications - THE ABSOLUTE W-O-R-S-T SERVICE OF "ANY" COMPANY

"DOC"Read More
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