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2/22/2016 Fry's Grocery Store - I shop at The 90th St and Shea Fry's location
I shop at The 90th St and Shea Fry's location in Scottsdale. I can't say enough about the customer service and cleanliness of the store. I am always greeted with a smile and always asked how I'm doing! I shop at this location upwards of three times a week if not more. Out of all the wonderful staff there are two people I'd like to thank, Joe and Hector! They are a step above! They have both gone out of their way on several occasions to make sure I had an outstanding experience, because of employees like this I will shop nowhere else.These two should be running the place!

AmberRead More
5/18/2014 Fry's Grocery Store - I shop every week at Frys grocery store in Apache
I shop every week at Frys grocery store in Apache junction, I spend over $150.00 every week, The double gas points is a scam not true, sometimes I receive my points, Today when I finished shopping as usual I went to fuel up my truck, When I questioned the service attendant about my gas points, She replied " Hun you haven't spent enough to receive any points " She did not look at me the entire time, and blew me off by handing me a blank receipt I guess showing me I had no points. This is crap! 1st I am not her "hun" this is so disrespectful to any married man to be called him, bunny ect. When a associate can't look at you while she helping you so disrespectful! I know this is a Big Waste of my time, Unfortunately I know Frys really does not give a rats ass, So thanks for letting me vent, Next week WALMART here I come, signed Chris Hull 480-338-5075

Chris Hull Read More
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