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4/11/2014 Future Shop - SUCKS !!!!!!!!
SUCKS !!!!!!!!

raRead More
10/25/2013 Future Shop - Extremely disappointed with customer service.
Extremely disappointed with customer service. Special promo offered Wii U for $299.99 which included a free game. The game is rated M 17+ "Blood and Gore etc" It is totally irresponsible to offer such a game for free. If someone craves to buy it so be it but on Special? Someone at Future Shop must be on something to come up with a marketing strategy like that. When I mentioned that the game was intended for my grandchildren the young lady replied "I played it. It's OK. We ask for identification if the customer appears too young." Wow, that seems to make it OK.
I enquired if I could have a game of equivalent value with a better rating. The answer: NO
I was told that the game was discounted by $30 to facilitate the special offer. I offered to pay the difference between the game of my choice and the discounted price. The answer: NO.
I ended up purchasing PIKMIN 3 and paid full price - $59.99 plus taxes. This is not good service nor marketing.

HelmutRead More
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