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10/22/2013 Gainsaver - i ordered an IBM ThinkPad T40 on 10/11/2013 from
i ordered an IBM ThinkPad T40 on 10/11/2013 from steve in sales. I stated that i needed the product by 10/16/2013 so i would pay extra for it to be sent second day air. i was told the price was 131.73 including the expidited delivery charge. i paid via my debit card 131.73. On 10/16/2013 i called steve back because i had not yet received the tracking number. i was told by steve that the order had shipped that day via ups ground and that he would put in a request to stop the shipment and return it to gainsaver for refund . i asked for a confirmation number and was told by steve that he could not give me one because the computer was not back in house yet.on 10/18/2013 i received an e-mail from ups stating my shipment would arrive via ground on 10/21/2013 i replied to ups to return the computer to gainsaver .ups delivered the computer on 10/21/2013 by setting the package at the front doorof my apt. and when i returned home at 7:30 it was gone. I was told by a neighbor that ups set a phg at my door but it disappeared by the time i got there. this has been a foul-up since the initial order. I disputed the 131.73 charge at my bank since i never got any thing, bad way of doing business.

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