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Garden Ridge Corporate Office Headquarters
Garden Ridge Corporation
19411 Atrium Place, Ste. 170
Houston, TX 77084 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-832-391-7201
Customer Service Number: 1-888-621-3814
TTY: 1-877-520-5667

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11/13/2013 My Garden Ridge experience with customer service
My parents visited the Garden Ridge in Stockbridge, GA and purchased 4 dining chairs for my wife and I. The chairs turned out to be a little dark so my wife was going to return them for a lighter color. My wife took the 4 chairs back to the store to pick out the new color she wanted (same chair, same price, just a lighter color) she had the purchase receipt along with the gift receipt given to my parents. Once my wife made it to the register and spoke with the customer service rep my wife was told that the return could not be done because she did not have the original debit/credit card that the purchase was made with. Does this company really expect me to ask my parents to drive back to the store and make the exchange for me or to allow me to take their debit/credit card with me back to store???? I would never think about asking someone that gave me a gift to barrow their credit/debit card to make a return. Now I am stuck writing emails because you cannot talk to a human that works for this company. Crazy!!!!

TravisRead More
11/1/2013 Garden Ridge Is unprofessional at the way their
Garden Ridge Is unprofessional at the way their employees and their management is ran. their employees are so rude and unhelpful and management doesn't have clue or just doesn't have time to be helpful or just be kind. Sandy the checkout clerk at Tulsa Garden Ridge was so rude to us when we went to check out. we went to complain to the manager and he said he would be right with us but after thirty mins. i guess he forgot or just didn't want to get involved. we decided to go home and complain to the company's customer service and it was like i was talking in a foreign language or maybe it was her first day on the job. what a waste of time to try to get in touch with anyone in any management position. i guess they get this all the time because there is no kind of contact number on the receipt or names. never waste my time dealing such lousy service and rude people at Garden Ridge ever again.

BuckRead More
10/9/2013 Garden Ridge - Shopped at the 51st branch in Tulsa,OK to purchase
Shopped at the 51st branch in Tulsa,OK to purchase some scrubs for my wife, which was horrible finding the pants to match the top or the top to match the pants. It was very unorganized way to cluttered and full for the size of the racks,so when you pull a hanger down five more come with it or just fall off the hangers. An hour and half later finally finding three matching pairs and get to the front finally 10 minutes later get to pay as another cashier came forward to help get all of us in line out. I didn't realize I had grabbed a two items that didn't have a price tag on them the cashier then informed me that our most expensive scrub is $9.99 so I you would like to go find the same scrub shirt and bring up that has a tag on it then I won't charge you for our most expensive one and same thing for the pants. The other two sets I got were $7.99 for the pants and $7.99 for the shirt. If I had realized this error which wasn't my fault I would of got a different pair. Instead of me having to go search for a tag and take longer getting out of the store I went ahead and paid for the most expensive one so I paid an extra $4.00 so I wouldn't have to do a job for a company I'm not employee of. My daughters birthday is next weekend I was going to purchase the decorations there but after my experience I will not be a customer any longer just bad buisness.

AustinRead More
8/27/2013 Garden Ridge is the worst company
Let me start by saying you have the worse company I have every seen. First we went to the Garden Ridge in Tulsa (never again) we were going to spend over $200.00 dollars on glasses for a wedding ask the manager first for a small discount. Here is where the poop hit the fan he answer no as if we were homeless and on the street needed money. then we asked if they had boxes for the glasses and him being his butt of a person stated that they do not keep boxes and it was up to us how we got them home. When we did get to the register the lady clang one of the glasses together and it chipped so we just said never mind ( we needed all the glasses) and they started to laugh. Now mind you there where 3 people stand there checking us out and all 3 were laughing. I ask the manager if he was laughing at me and he stated "no why" and they started to laugh harder. I will never go back to this Garden Ridge if I ever go back to any Garden Ridge again. Not to mention trying to call the Corporate office that is also a joke everything is push a number and leave a message. This is a company that should close their stores (sorry for the employees that are good) and get a new life. I have never been treated so rude, nasty, tasteless, and ready to beat up someone in all my life. to all in Tulsa do not waste your time going to Garden Ridge in Tulsa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will also be posting this on facebook so people in Tulsa will know.

dianaRead More
8/22/2013 My review of The Garden Ridge store in Little Rock, AR
I visited your store in Little Rock, AR. today, looking for a very deep and wide lightweight planter in which to plant divisions of my overgrown peace plants. There were many lovely ceramic planters, but they are too expensive and too heavy to move back in my house when the weather gets cold. I found one large lightweight (styrofoam?)planter, made of the same lightweight material that I use. Since there were multiple gouges around the rim of the planter, I assumed that was why the planter had not sold. Anyway, I put the planter in my cart, thinking I would get a discount on it due to the awful-looking gouges. I had my grandson get a saucer that would be big enough for the bottom of the planter. Well, I went to check-out, asked for a discount for the gouged planter, and was told "corporate" won't give a discount on ANYTHING, no matter how scratched or gouged an item is. I managed to take that information in stride...didn't cause a scene. But when I was told the styrofoam(?) planter was $60.00, I was LIVID...that cheapo planter cost as much as the ceramic ones! And, the saucer was $20.00. Sorry, but I'm not stupid enough to spend $80.00 on a planter that looks AND IS cheap. You know, there were many other cheap-looking styrofoam(?) planters, and they cost around $25.00. I have bought many items at Garden Ridge in the past, but after today's encounter with a company that could not care less about being fair to their customers, I'll stick with companies who treat their customers like human beings. Oh, by the way...why does the "Customer Service Website" go to the same screen as the "Company Website"? Surely it could not be that "Corporate Website" does not want to have to answer to its customers!!!

JackieRead More
8/1/2013 Garden Ridge - I wrote previously regarding an extension on my
I wrote previously regarding an extension on my return date.I was in the Chesapeake store on 7/21/13 where I spent $850.93.My concern is that I live 7 hours to the nearest Garden Ridge store. I would like to return a rug that I purchased. I will be in the area in October and I would like to stop off and get a different rug. Could you possibly extend my return date another month for October. Anything that you could do would be deeply appreciated.

Thanking you in advance, Ann Olexy

AnnRead More
5/22/2013 Garden Ridge - I am amazed at how hard it is to get anyone on the
I am amazed at how hard it is to get anyone on the phone to answer a simple question! I have called several of the stores and get shifted through their online system every time. When I choose the option for "product inquiries" (though I have tried all of the options) - the automated voice tells me they are "unable to research the product and that all inventory is on the shelves and ready for me to shop" This does not help me at all! I need an actual human to talk to me about an item that I have already purchased.

After about 8 attempts to reach a store employee I attempted to call the corporate office. Guess what I got?! An automated system with no option to speak to a customer service rep. Go figure! Guess Garden Ridge doesn't believe in CUSTOMER SERVICE!? Would be soooo nice to have someone actually phone me back... though it might send me into shock!

ChristyRead More
4/22/2013 Garden Ridge - I too am another customer unhappy with GR. I
I too am another customer unhappy with GR. I recently moved into a new condo and spent close to 500.00 at GR in Louisville Kentucky. Recently I made a 250 purchase, one item being a family photo frame, I paid 59.99 for it. It took a couple weeks to find just the right photos for the 21 spots for pictures in the frame. The day I started on the project the frame broke. I took it back only for them to tell me there was nothing they could do since I had no receipt. I have sent two e-mails to corporate and tried to reach them by phone to no availe. I have bank statements showing the purchase but I guess I am just out 60 bucks. This seems so unfair and certainly no way to keep customers.Since reading everyone elses comments I am certain I will not hear from GR. I will never shop there again , my sisters and cousins have all agreed not to either. We will gladly spend our hard earned money elsewhere.

SusieRead More
4/8/2013 Garden Ridge - Went in to purchase 4 patio chairs & table. Price
Went in to purchase 4 patio chairs & table. Price tag read $39.99 per chair. We get up to the checkout lane and they rang up $49.99 each. We told the cashier and she said I can't charge you what the tag says, I have to charge you what it rings up. We speak to a 'manager' and she says the sorry, nothing we can do.
Umm what?!? how can they do this???

KimRead More
3/16/2013 Garden Ridge - custumer services and the menager are so bed i
custumer services and the menager are so bed i made a purcase of 70$ some of item was on clearance i ask the flloor help is this on sale they said yes i come to a cashier the ring up regular price the menager on the duty was thare on the other register standing and yealing across "mam that item is not on sale with out even chacking to see if there so i said it can you check that for me please her response was lets walk over thare to seee i said i am a custumer can you check for me she start screaming at me what do you think that i have time to spend whole day with you ,and she go on ,and on for at least 15 min than i ask her can i have your name please and can you give me the number of your supervisor so i can complain abaut you not abaut the item i want to let you menager know that you don't work the right way with the custumer .She said go online and find the
number online .Than other custumer in line come across and told her this is not the way you act with custumers than she call assitance menager wich also was screaming at me on from two litlle children and what i did just stood thare and listen .I will not go beck to Garden ridge you bring your money to give tham and you walking away with a headache .O yeah and also on the end said ok i will go look for a diffrent item she said if you dont leave a store i will call the cops on you My response to that was why did i stole anithing just becose i mention that i am calling the corporate you all did this then the onother custumer said call the police i am her witness she did nothing wrong and she alslo told that custumer at very loud tone mam you also leave the store So i give up but deffinetly caling then corporate on monday .No custumer service plus the menagers shoud be examlpe to thair cashier and i this case it was a bed school ing.This happen in Garden ridge in macomb

elisaRead More
1/28/2013 Garden Ridge - I would like to share the awful experience I had
I would like to share the awful experience I had at one of your locations on Friday 1/25/2013. I had asked an employee to get a rug, 2 stools, and another sofa for me. I was not done shopping so they took it to the front of the store for me next to the register. When I was checking out I noticed that both stools were damaged in the back and asked the employee checking me out if they would please bring 2 diff stools because these were damaged. He said "yes, let me page them" the person on the other side of the speaker said "tell her to come get them herself because we are not going to be going back and forth with her!" Why would she say that knowing that the customer is listening to what she is saying and why would she say something like that as if I was changing my mind about color or style. It wasn't even that. The stools were damaged so I simply asked if they could bring me ones that weren't. They refused so I finished checking out. When I was done I walked to the back myself and the employee was bringing the damage stools back to the stool area. He dropped them off as I stood there and I asked him "sir, can you please wait a minute? I need these loaded. I have found some news ones." His respond was "I don't have time to wait on you!" I was appalled and could not believe he was talking to me that way. So he then just pushed the cart towards me and left. I loaded the stools myself and took them up to the front to make the exchange because there was going to be a price difference. When I arrived up front the cashier was laughing and saw how upset I was. He never apologized or offered to help. I asked him is there a manager here? He said "Yeah me but I'm in training!" How unprofessional. I spent $600.00 during this visit to Garden Ridge and I was treated this way? What has happened to customer service? Does the customer not count? Then I made the comment to him that I had been there in Dec and had spent $500.00 for christmas and he said laughing "well why do you keep coming back?" I could not believe they were treating me this way. Is all this tolerated by Garden Ridge management? I would like to see what can be done about this awful unprofessional experience at Garden Ridge in Sugarland.

sunflower2213Read More
1/16/2013 Warning: Don't try to return anything to Garden Ridge
Warning: Don't try to return anything to Garden Ridge! I was so excited to hear a Garden Ridge was opening in Raleigh, NC. It used to be my favorite store; however, I will not be shopping there again. Ever. My friend gave me a mirror for my birthday but when I tried to hang it on the wall, found out it was so terribly made that the frame wouldn't support the weight of it on the wall and it fell. I took it back to Garden Ridge last weekend and tried to return it. Of course I didn't have the receipt or the barcode on the mirror because it was a gift. They wouldn't take it. So I called my friend who bought it for me, she drove all the way over with her credit card, swiped it, and they said it wasn't on there. Um, really? Because I was there with her when she bought it. They said there was nothing they could do per company policy. My mom asked if we could check the barcodes on other mirrors and the manager said No. What? Because "that would take too long". Um, we were there for an hour trying to resolve this issue! What should have taken 10 minutes took an entire hour of our Sunday afternoon! According to the manager, Garden Ridge's prices went up as of January 1 so things that had barcodes with certain numbers in Nov/Dec may not have the same numbers now. Then how the heck are we supposed to return anything?! This is infuriating.
It's not my fault your company made a product that is unusable! What am I supposed to do with a mirror that can't be hung on the wall?! These people offer terrible customer service!! Never try returning anything here without a receipt! Just don't shop here for that matter. It's just not worth the hassle. I will never recommend this place to another person and will take my business to Target and the like. Thanks for nothing.

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