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4/9/2015 Georgia Power - to high of a bill the Utility regulator wants
to high of a bill the Utility regulator wants Georgia Power to lower bills by June will june is not far down the road and if you do not then they will know and i have to pay for the new plant then i want a part of the share but i bet i would get a dime of it so get the power bills down it is hurting disable people that do not have the money to pay for it so we have to left out our meds or food to pay for the power bill

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8/22/2014 Georgia Power - Recently Ga. Power hired a tree service company
Recently Ga. Power hired a tree service company (Townsend Tree Service) out of Madison, Ga. to trim limbs from trees which might cause power outages. We were notified of this by a note on our front door. We were at work when they started this work. My problem is they took one entire side off of a perfectly shaped oak tree which was not near a power line. This is in the front of our yard and neighbors had commented what a beautiful shaped tree it was; and also my Mother,who is now deceased, had planted it.
This company had no reason to do this except to drive one of their big trucks onto our yard. Also when I called a gentlemen said they had fired the guy who did this. Yet, no one had tried to contact me.
I sent a certified letter to Townsend Tree Service asking them what they planned to do. No one has attempted to get back with me. Now I am trying to reach Ga. Power Claims dept. and cannot get to anyone.
Ruining the look of our yard by defacing a beautiful tree was totally unnecessary. We would like some type of compensation. Ga. Power should check with customers before they do such !
If anyone knows what we can do please let me know.
Also, the guy in charge of the tree-cutting knew it was a terrible mistake because he asked if they could plant some azaleas or something!! I have pictures of the tree and what they did.

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8/12/2014 Georgia Power - Are we customers in moon rd area in Columbus,
Are we customers in moon rd area in Columbus, Georgia going to receive a discount due to not having power several times a week for widening of moon Rd? We have gone as long as three hours without power and this seems to be happening often.

Angie Read More
6/10/2014 Georgia Power - I dont kbow sho ypu have in tennile ga Ive been
I dont kbow sho ypu have in tennile ga Ive been trying to get my electric turned in for days they dont answer the phone do you want new coustomers they get half way with me an never answer the phone 75 calls to day I am 100% disabled now I have to drvie an hr use up my SSDI when this should be handeld over the phone with my atm I thought you all saved the public mony not just yourselves unhappy with costomer sevvice

Dean A Lee Read More
2/24/2014 Georgia Power - Ga power sucks! It's not the lineman or sups. It's
Ga power sucks! It's not the lineman or sups. It's the damn corporate greed who set the rules. Corporate America lives in their on world

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10/7/2013 Georgia Power - How about I owe Alabama power $63.44 from 6 years
How about I owe Alabama power $63.44 from 6 years ago and now I live in Savannah Ga. Now because of this old bill I have to pay double the average monthly usage as a deposit to get the lights in my name at the new house I live in and that is $510. Now I know I should have paid the old bill but that is pure ridiculous!!!! I can handle a deposit but that is half of what I make in a month. Guess I'm moving!!!!

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10/7/2013 Georgia Power - You can thank OBAMA and the EPA for your high
You can thank OBAMA and the EPA for your high electric bills. Obama told you he was going to make your bills outrageous so you would stop using so much electricity and you voted for him anyway! How stupid was that? There are a lot of Georgians and other citizens living off of their dividends earned by Georgia Power. That could be you or your cousin in Iowa. By law they can only make a 12% profit. Check that against the profits made by Budweiser and Skoal or the local baker.

Douglas Read More
8/18/2013 Never received bill from Georgia Power and now they want a $100 Deposit
Never received bill at new residence. Charged me a $100 deposit on next bill for "delinquincy." Outrageous.

Jason L Read More
7/1/2013 Georgia Power and southern company's rating is -0.
Georgia Power and southern company's rating is -0. There is absolutely no reason for the oppression that you have put on the people except that you are greedy and arrogant. You are Goliath and the people are David right now. God is in Heaven but your unjust and corrupt practices are not going unnoticed. People in my community suffer everyday because of outrageous power bills and then you have the nerve to continue to raise rates to pay for something that we did not ask for..If you going to pay for something, use the money that you have already taken from the people. Your profits are outrageous while people are a slave to you. We can barely afford to live because we are only working to pay power bills. It's a shame and disgraceful the agony that greedy people cause, but you are not getting away with it like you think that you are. Please be aware of the suffering that you are causing families.

Praying Against Georgia Power and Corrupt Utility Companies Read More
5/30/2013 georgia power do not work with you at bill
georgia power do not work with you at bill is always 600 or 900 hundred dollars.i have 10 kids tyring to make an honest living.

sharon arnolds Read More
4/17/2013 Georgia Power - I've never had a problem with customer service. I
I've never had a problem with customer service. I do have an issue with the company as a whole. They made a NET profit of more than 1 billion dollars and wanted to raise rates which the PSC granted.

As far as the paying for the nuke plant. I'm not sure we need the extra power or reserve power. I believe a lot of that was to have bragging rights on the golf course. What's worse than paying for this nuke plant is that on top of this charge there's the state charging sales tax. The state legislature voted FOR this and exempted commercial businesses from this charge. Now, guess who owns a bunch of businesses in Ga., is in government and voted for this? I feel we're being over charged and that the GaPSC really stands for the Georgia Power Commission. Makes you want to go back to kerosine lamps.

southern electric user. Read More
12/11/2012 Georgia Power - GA Power customer service review: No Empathy! 12.12.12
GA Power customer service act as though they own you & if ya don't like ... tough! They have no concept of how to practice empathy although they are good @ stupidity and repeating themselves like ignorant robots. They allow poor people who are able to work but don't keep their power on even if it's several months over due yet the hard working stiffs are abused w/o question cause you comment on how badly the 800 slows down the complaint process. thus they key your account much like thieves key a CAR and brand you so they can have carte blanche rights to abuse us!

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