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6/28/2015 Get My Perks - Zero stars but the option is not available.
Zero stars but the option is not available. Trying to redeem movie and restaurant vouchers for two hours + counting. $$ restaurants are actually $, $$$ are actually $$ ... and so on. To redeem a code, you need to create an account with different vendors. When decision is made for a restaurant, either voucher is no longer available or can't be printed. If and when I get the satisfaction of actually printing anything, I will never again buy from this website. Get My Perks sucks ... BIG TIME !!

JimRead More
12/16/2013 Get My Perks - I placed an order through on
I placed an order through on 11/3/13. It is now 12/16/13 and I still have not received my item and I have already been charged. I called customer service on 12/5/13 and was told I would receive an update within 24 to 48 hours. I called again on 12/9/13 and was told that it can take longer. 12/10/13 received an email that my item was shipped already. 12/12/13 I asked for tracking info and again gave my address and received a response that my request is being sent to the appropriate department and they will get back to me. I still have not receive my item or any response and it is now 12/16/13. Extremely unhappy with this customer service and response times. Unacceptable!!

TiffanyRead More
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