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Giant Eagle Corporate Office Headquarters
101 Kappa Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-963-6200
Fax Number: 1-412-968-1617
Giant Eagle Fuel Perks: 1-866-869-9354

Phone Number

1-800-553-2324Review Needed Please Comment


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7/25/2013 Giant Eagle - I am very pleased with my GE store in Columbus,
I am very pleased with my GE store in Columbus, OH/Stelzer Road. Employees are always very helpful when I'm unable to find something. I do have one problem. Last week, it revealed to me that I had one a $500 gas card and I tryed to follow directions but couldn't get it locked up on me and I couldn't do anything. My name is Nora Fae White, 3180 Pine Valley Road, Columbus, OH 43219. I shop at the Stelzer Road store (43219) close to my home. I would appreciate knowing what happened since it indicated that I had won. Thank you for your consideration.

Nora Fae White

NoraRead More
5/28/2013 Giant Eagle - I had the pleasure of seeing how good customer
I had the pleasure of seeing how good customer service is done due to the fact I was attended by Nancy the cashier in Giant Eagle Willowwick Ohio . Store # 216
I was in lane 7 and I could not find my Giant Eagle card . The cashier told me not to worry she would look it up she did however my old address was on my licence so it took time . Since I taught customer Service in New Zealand I was very impressed by how in spite of the fact she had other customers she took the time to make my visit memorable . I did fill out a complimentary card at the store but when I got home I realized I had not put the exact store in my comment card . Please thank this lady for her excellent service .

ChristinaRead More
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