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7/7/2011 - DearIS my great honor to write you this email.i
IS my great honor to write you this email.
i got your contact through my research
We operate a private consultancy company ,
in Accra Ghana and at present we are willing
to arrange and negotiate for buyers and dealers
of Gold bar or Gold dust product,
who are willing for larger purchase and are willing to enter
into a long term relationship with the village miners.
Please if your interested buyer do contact us
immediately for negotiation and arrangement for the
Our prices are as modest as can be found anywhere in
the world and better because we are direct
licensed/Authorized local miners.
The miners are capable of producing 50kg every month
and will likely increase the quantity if there is
need. The product is described below;
Quantity; Minimum of 50kg per month
Quality: 22.5 carats
purity; 92%
Prizes: negotiable
For more information, you may contact us on our e-mail
address .[[email protected]]We look forward to serving you.
As soon we hear from you. I will send you FCO.

Yours Truly,

Mr Moses

mosesRead More
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