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1/14/2016 Glu Games - I am Not even a customer, and I know that I
I am Not even a customer, and I know that I NEVER will be! on 12/29, someone else, not me, used my Visa Card to place two orders through Glu Mobile. I might not have even known, except on the Same Date, 12/29, around 5 P.M, I received a call from the Card Company, telling me that I might be involved in Fraud. I was informed that two orders were placed on 12/29, one for $19.99, and one for $39.99. I informed the Charge card company that it wasn't me who placed the orders. I then had the Card cancelled. Well, I found the Web Site, sent them an E-Mail, told them how someone else, not me, placed orders. I received a response back about a week later, telling me that they need MORE INFORMATION, such as the GAMES ORDERED, and the ACCOUNT NUMBER!! The ACCOUNT Number of the person who used My card?? I sent them a message, asking How I was supposed to know the Acct. Number? Well, the last E- Mail that I sent them told them AGAIN that someone else, Not Me, placed two orders, on 12/29. i gave them the Date, the number of the card used. And asked them for the charges to be Dropped! Late last night, I noticed an E-Mail, asking how "HAPPY I was" with their SERVICE! I left FEEDBACK. It did Not go through. I received a message saying " INVALID TOKEN." I have no idea what that means. They sent me the E-Mail, gave me a chance to leave FEEDBACK. Then when I click the Feedback bar, it won't go through!! Needless to say, I am frustrated, to say the least.

PegRead More
6/2/2015 Glu Games - Rajesh in customer service for Glu's (CKS), treats
Rajesh in customer service for Glu's (CKS), treats in my opinion you as expendable because they have many players! I have spent a lot of money on this game and since the last update it has been bug city! Lots players quitting according to the forums because customer service like rajesh ( there are some good ones there though), and because they never fix the bugs and just keep adding to the game! I lost a lot of money and lost out due to their bugs and now they won't even help me! To get live help can take a month or more!

ZippyRead More
4/15/2014 Glu Games - I got a game called blood and glory legend 2
I got a game called blood and glory legend 2 and I bought 32 dollars worth of rubies and I went out of the game and went back in and everything reset even my levels I either need my rubies back or I need my money back ASAP

ChuckRead More
1/7/2014 Glu Games - Downloaded app for eternity 2 but I'm having problems
i live in london and have downloaded the app for eternity 2 .but i have 1 problem i cannot buy glu coins gold or anything like that . it bloddy well tells me that i am too high risk all the time i have double checked my card details aaaaaahhhhhhh

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