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GMC is GM's truck and SUV division. GMC makes commercial trucks and professional grade trucks and suvs for the consumer market.

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1-800-462-8782 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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2/29/2016 Thank you GMC for our 1983 diesel pick up truck
Thank you GMC for our 1983 diesel pickup truck. My husband bought her used I believe in 1985 and she was a faithful, dependable truck while farming in Fresno County for many years. We call her "Ole Whitey" and many of our friends, neighbors and family have used her over the years. She sits mostly idle now with approx. 500,000 miles but still runs and her last trip was to the furniture store to pick up a new dresser just last week. All these years with the same engine and very little maintenance. We keep her insured and licensed for those occasions but have finally decided to let her go to the junk pile. It will be a sad day indeed!

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4/30/2013 Hi, I have a 96 GMC safari (Geneva). She just took
Hi, I have a 96 GMC safari (Geneva). She just took me for a 17,000 mike road trip! Without a single problem. In California I nearly destroyed her bc I had no idea about engine breaking and I road the hell out of her brakes. So I replaced the calipers rotors shoes lines and fluid. Had a great trip on them cross country back to the FL keys. Since back I have had trouble with the brakes not functioning. Stiffness in the brake pedal and not reliable braking. Took her in recently and had both front ABS Boosters and sensors replaced. Now the brakes are holding and I could smell burning rubber after driving home from the mechanics. My mechanic has no clue what's going on and is suggesting I out new calipers on but is unsure that's actually the problem. I'm confused lost and need advice I'm no mechanic but I would try not to seem so confused when talking to someone who just spent a lot of money at my shop. Bringing her for a second opinion today. Any and All info is appreciated!!??!!

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9/24/2012 GMC - I have a 2003 pick-up with 63,000 miles,garaged
I have a 2003 pick-up with 63,000 miles,garaged and the brake lines rusted and the brake fluid is now leaking. I find the cost of repair is about 2600.00. There should be some kind of a recall for this problem, BRAKE LINES SHOULD NOT RUST. Thank God I found the leak before someone got injured. ED from New York.

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7/13/2012 GMC - I am so disappointed in GM. We have drove
I am so disappointed in GM. We have drove GM/Chevrolet all our lives. We have a 2007 Chevrolet 2500 HD Diesel,a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban, and a 2006 GMC Duramax Diesel Dually. The transmission went out in the 2007 Chevrolet Suburban and thank god it was under warranty and everything was fixed under warranty. We have a 2006 GMC Dually Duramax Diesel with 6.6 Allison Transmission with 160,000 miles and we just found out today the transmission is shot. This vehicle has been serviced by a certifed GM mechanic like clock work. The dealership in Dexter, Missouri said they have never seen this happen to this transmission. They advised us to contact GM and as always GM says there is nothing they can do it has to many miles. I am beginning to think GM/Chevrolet has issues with there transmissions. My neighbor has a 2006 Tahoe and guess what their transmission went out to and they has to pay for theirs the warranty had expired. I think GM/Chevrolet is know for there crappy transmissions and every one thought is was Dodge who had the problem. My mother drives a 2002 Ford Explorer with 225,000 miles and it runs like a gem. I would make darn sure if you buy a GM/Chevy you buy every extended warranty they offer because you will need it for a new transmission. They aren't made CHEVY Tough:-) It doesn't pay to be a LOYAL customer you get nothing in return.

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4/22/2012 GMC - In May 2011 I was able to purchase the truck of my
In May 2011 I was able to purchase the truck of my dreams. It's a 2007 GMC sierra 1500 crew cab. The problem, I cannot keep oil in it. The dealership I purchased it from performed an oil consumption test and found it needed more work, I was told at that time they thought the problem was fixed when they worked on it from the previous owner. They assured me they would fix it. They performed the work and changed the oil, all was well while I drove it around town. I checked the oil before I drove it to Alabama this weekend. A seven hundred and eighty one mile round trip and it used over an half quart of oil. My wife drive a 2005 GMC Yukon with over eighty eight thousand miles on it, we drove it to Alabama last month and it did not use any. The service manager told that a quart for ever two thousand was acceptable, but at this rate it's using a quart for every thousand miles. I use full synthetic oil and should not have to add oil the way I am. I just went over sixty nine thousand miles an the way back from Alabama. It's my opinion that the service manager is trying to wait until my warranty is out, then stick me with the bill. He is trying really hard not to fix the problem and discourage me from coming back. I love GM vehicles but I cannot afford to have this happen to me. What are my options?

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3/19/2012 GMC - A letter I have written to Jim Ball, Buick,
A letter I have written to Jim Ball, Buick, Cadillac, GMC ...

Mr. Ball,It was with great excitement that I interviewed for a sales position at your dealership on March 5, 2012. I attended the interview and was thrilled to be invited back. Fifteen of us attended the training and ten of us were invited back. We were led to believe that we would be hired by Jim Ball and receive $350 a week during two weeks of training. A portion of the class was spent on Jim Ball’s payment practice. We were told that we would have to pay $629 as insurance that we would stay and work at least 90 days at your dealership, after the two weeks training, and then we would receive our money back. Imagine my surprise when I called today to find out, I would not be hired and offered the two weeks training by Jim Ball. I did not receive any notice from the Jim Ball Dealership.
I sent an email to the trainer, James Strange, and his reply was “what’s the big deal you can go to Toyota or Ford or anywhere in Buffalo". Do you know that this is what is happening? Do you condone misleading people who are looking for a career? My biggest disappointment is in the Jim Ball Dealership. You are using a trainer and company, Rocky Top Promotions, who misleads prospective employees into paying $629 for little more than a day of training and a sales manual. This is a sales manual that does not have a copy right or authors credited. Your own sales manager told us that we would not be using what we were learning in the conference room if we were hired. I believe that you are using this service just too interview and screen prospective employees and that it comes at a low cost due to the fee that the prospective employees are coerced into paying James Strange.
I should have known better than putting $629 in an envelope and handing it over. Part of me did this because I thought that Jim Ball was a different dealership, the best in Buffalo, one with integrity. I am sure it is a cash payout to prevent the cancellation of checks or credit payments once students find out that they are being swindled. I am hoping that you are not aware of what is actually happening with these interviews. I did not receive a copy of the contract that I signed as promised. I am currently seeking advice on how to get my money back. This is a lot of money for an unemployed person. It may mean little to you and James Strange but it will affect me for months. I am directing this to Jim Ball - GMC and Rocky Top Promotions, James Strange. I am hoping to hear back from you on your feelings in this matter. I am hoping that you can help resolve this matter.

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2/26/2012 I just purchased a new 2012 GMC Sierra. It was
I just purchased a new 2012 GMC Sierra. It was raining on the day that I purchased it. I was cleaning it up last week and noticed the paint did not match. I backed it out in to the sun and saw that the entire cab is metallic black on the passenger side, and onyx black on the driver side. The front end and bed are onyx black. What a mess, it looks horrable. It doesn't show in the shade or rain, but it sure does in the sun.

I have notified GMC and I will update you when I see what they are going to do. It gets a lot of attention when the sun shines on it, that is, negative attention.

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2/12/2012 GMC - I have owned GM's my whole life as well as my
I have owned GM's my whole life as well as my entire family as well. I have had a GMC Envoy since 2004 the last GM purchased. The problems ranged from a replacement rear end replaced under warranty replaced struts under warranty. Replaced trans not under warranty. Just replaced the rear tailgate regulator just to open and shut rear door. It has had a fuel tank issue on fuel fill ups for years and just recently found out that my exhaust manifold was crack. What puzzles me is that this problem not only is a factory issue that was problems for many envoy's as was told by my service tech at the local GMC dealer that was never dealt with on a recall. The dealer states that they repaired many exhaust manifolds I have had mine only get worse and breath exhaust fumes for a while as the fumes enter in the cab from the engine bay. I was told the dealer would not cover the warrantee as I was over the mile limit. I am a partner in a mid size business my family has owned it for a 125 years. It is unconscious on GMC part to know you have a flaw and not do a recall. Obviously this was a known problem. I directly influence many potential car customers for your company, I would appreciate an email from a representative from your firm and a resolution to this matter. I do not want to give up on the next purchase however all will depend on the resolution. I'm anxiously awaiting a response.

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2/11/2012 where do customers of gmc manteca plaza go to for
where do customers of gmc manteca plaza go to for their guaranteed service warranties? tried calling gmc manteca, but all numbers are disconnected. should I just go to any other gmc dealership? we have life time power train warranty. a bit concerned..

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1/25/2012 i have a 2010 GMC Acadia, charging system has been
i have a 2010 GMC Acadia, charging system has been changed, battery has been changed, navigation has been changed, seat belt had to be repaired, p/s had to be repaired, front end noise had to be repaired, back up camera comes on when driving and passenger seats moves forward, tire monitors always showing wrong pressure. Spoke to GMC and all they say is to take vehicle to dealer for repairs. Time to go back to Nissan. All GM had to say was all vehicles have problems, my reply was not so many in 1 yr. My advice to anyone considering GMC is think twice

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12/27/2011 GMC - I have been waiting for 3 months for a sensor to
I have been waiting for 3 months for a sensor to be replaced on my 2011 Chevy Silverado.No replacement part is availible.

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11/15/2011 GMC - My name is Al. I want to take the time to leave
My name is Al. I want to take the time to leave positive feed back were positive feed back is due. I own a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel truck with only 57,000 miles. The vehicle started smoking badly and I was told I had 3 injectors that had gone bad. And I was 4-months over my warranty. Manteca Auto Plaza wanted $5,600 to replace all injectors. I phoned GM Customer service and was assigned A District Specialist (Trina) who said she would contact a dealer and see what we could do. Mataga GMC of Stockton called me and told me to bring vehicle in. My truck failed their test and GMC covered a full set of their new improved injectors plus gave me a new rental car while truck was being repaired. My hat is off to GM and Mataga GMC of Stockton. Especially Andrew the service manager and service writer Ellis Lee who represented GMC in a very professional manner and did the right thing.

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