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5/14/2016 Golf Digest - I stopped receiving the print and digital
I stopped receiving the print and digital subscriptions. Attempted to resolve issue via your web site which was over subscribed. When I called the Help Center the attendant asked for my email address and birthdate and I terminated the call. My birthdate should have nothing to do with my subscription. Why not ask for my subscription number? the call center support stinks!

lib Read More
4/25/2016 Golf Digest - I did not order stop sending
I did not order stop sending

Carolyn Read More
1/10/2016 I have never ordered any Golf Digest - Why did I get a bill?
I received my first Golf Digest on the 1st of January 2016, I did not order it but someone called me about two months ago and said that I was about 2 years behind in my payments and said that I owed four to five hundred dollars. On January 8th, someone called, and asked for my date of birth and said that they will deduct the payments from my checking account.
I think the person that called might have been part of a scam, I have never ordered any Golf Digest or any other magazines ever if this is Golf Digest that is threatening please Please Stop ( I HAVE NOT PLAYED GOLF IN OVER 50 YEARS)

Harold Read More
1/2/2016 Golf Digest is mostly ads - 54 ad pages in 112 pages
I just finished "reading" your December 2015 edition. There was 12 pages of ads and 3 front appearing pages before the table of contents. Then as I was "reading", I counted 54 pages of ads out of a total of 112 pages. This does not include 8 pages promoting equipment and golf destinations which I equate to advertising. Your instructional pages have drastically decreased in lieu of golf articles. After my subscription expires, I plan to take a provisional and continue only my subscriptions to GOLF MAGAZINE and GOLF WEEKLY. I once rated this as a quality magazine but that has changed.

Brian Read More
12/18/2015 Golf Digest - I wish to renew my subscription but I have moved
I wish to renew my subscription, but I have moved, tried to contact you but have had no response, so one last try.

My name is W. Danny Seed, I used to reside at

Would I like to renew for 2 years at the lowest rate available { $24.97 per yr. ? } I have been a faithful customer for a year.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Note: I have received last 2 issues since moving as I have arranged through our postal service to have mail rerouted from old address but would like renewal and new address info to be sent to a new address.

Danny Read More
11/19/2014 Golf Digest - Tiger is not perfect. However your fake interview
Tiger is not perfect. However your fake interview is a bunch of bullshit. If you can not just stick to the sport then shut your presses down and do something else. From one old man to another, retire while you are ahead. Do you really think this article was helpful in any way?

Bob Read More
9/22/2014 Great Customer Service from Golf Digest.
Great Customer Service from Golf Digest.

Called and Pressed 0 and waited 4 minutes and then they took care of my problem.

Webby Read More
8/22/2014 need to email golf digest
need to email golf digest

wayne Read More
4/5/2014 Golf Digest - You latest cover would be great on a hockey
You latest cover would be great on a hockey magazine. You are publishing a golf magazine sports illustrated.

Barry McCarthy Read More
3/27/2014 Renewed my Golf Digest but I did not get the gift bag

I have renewed my subscription several times but I failed to received the gift bag your company promised as advertised I beleived you owe me 3 gift bags.

Ramon Read More
3/22/2014 I have loved GOLF DIGEST for many years but I'm disappointed
I have loved GOLF DIGEST for many years and eagerly anticipate receiving each edition. However, I am very disappointed in David Fay's uncouth article about player's verbally expressing their frustration when they come to Amen Corner.

Many players curse; nothing newsworthy about that. But to use the word Fay chose in his article is another evidence that there is a weakening of golf's reputation as "A Gentleman's Game." Call me old fashioned ( (76), but I think your fine magazine missed it when you approved this gutter language article.

Let the ignorant and those with little morals display their toilet language, trying to be cute. But let GOLF DIGEST maintain a high regard for the time- honored traditions associated with this outstanding sport.

Charles Read More
3/8/2014 Golf Digest - Please do not renew my subscription number
Please do not renew my subscription number 1153678519 expiring June 2014. The magazine is great but I do not have time to read it.

Mc Read More
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