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4/3/2017 Golf World Magazine - I just wanted to send you a letter I just sent to
I just wanted to send you a letter I just sent to the LPGA

This is a first for me. I don't write letters. But I have to express my anger and disappointment of how you handled the incident this past weekend. How about basketball. What if you had video proof of "travelling", ""charging" or "double dribble" and were able to call it in. Everyone does it.......and it is easily proven through DVRs. If the player or his opponent does not note the infraction and call for a penalty or "ruling" at the time of the infraction it should stand. And what crazy rule in golf allows every couch potato in America to become a deciding rules official. Your rules people at that tournament should have just ignored the call and told the guy they were charged with watching the rules...not him.

I think it was horrible precedent that the LPGA now owns. You should have tossed the rules officials into the Lake to celebrate their great victory of winning the tournament for someone other than the real winner!!!!

I am a long time golfer and former pro and can't tell you how much this bothers me. I love the honor of golf, and that of all sports we hold ourselves to a high standard, but when I saw the "proof" she had miss-marked I thought to myself "you have got to be kidding me." Talk about splitting hairs.

What a shame you have done this to both these young ladies. The winner can now never really felt like she won and the true winner was a loser. Shame on you for not having more common sense. I don' t think you have any idea what a black eye the LPGA has gotten from this and the negative impact it will have on your future.


PS I am a long time suscriber and fan of your magazine and actually enjoy reading it in the online format. I didn't think I would but it works for me.

JonRead More
2/13/2015 Golf World Magazine - We wondered what happened, we did not get the
We wondered what happened, we did not get the notification about going paperless. Please cancel our subscription and refund our money. Jim

JimRead More
9/2/2014 Golf World Magazine - With respect to your going paperless, to quote
With respect to your going paperless, to quote Samuel Goldwyn: "Include me out." The paper version has articles of substance and can be read at one's leisure. I have no interest in the online "Golf World Lite." You might want to reflect on the fact that those interested in golf tend to be the least likely to sit in front of a computer screen.
The worst part of the way you handled this was by informing readers after the fact in the last print issue and by assuming that we want to read Golf Digest. Shame on you.
I will not be renewing my own, or the gift subscriptions I have given others for many years. Your score on this par four: the dreaded "snowman."

PaulRead More
8/8/2014 Golf World Magazine - Very disappointed with notice of magazine going
Very disappointed with notice of magazine going paperless. I buy magazines to hold and read in my easy chair, not to stare at a screen which we all do too much of.

RichardRead More
2/10/2014 Golf World Magazine sent me a renewal but I just subscribed for 3 years
I have gotten a Renewal Notice. My Acct. #0626871685 Back in Aug. 2013 Renewed for 3 Years over the Phone with Publishers Elite, Arlington, Tx. Is this a Scam??

Jack PresseyRead More
8/15/2013 Golf World Magazine - Trying to reach Golf Magazine Senior Writer, Cameron Morfit
I need to get in touch with Senior Writer, Cameron Morfit for Golf Magainze. I need a phone number or email address.

Teresa OlingerRead More
2/17/2013 Golf World Magazine - My husband has a subscription to Golf World and
My husband has a subscription to Golf World and has had for many years. I find the most recent issue with David Feherty offensive. His dropped pants showing his hairy legs and presumably no underwear is inappropriate and has nothing to do with golf. I have watched David Feherty on the golf channel and I think you all degraded him and insulted yourselves. Lets stick with golf and not Playboy! Amy

AmyRead More
2/22/2012 Golf World Magazine - isent a check for subscription in january and
isent a check for subscription in january and haven't rec'd a golf world yet. please advise. i love your magazine. lois hopsonlois

loisRead More
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