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10/4/2016 Good Sam Club - We took our RV to camping world service Dept in
We took our RV to camping world service Dept in Chattanooga, TN on Aug. 22nd told them we had a trip planned in Sept. we were told they were one and one half to two weeks behind that was fine we said.
Well here it is seven weeks (7weeks )later and they still haven't fixed our RV we went by there and saw it parked on the back row about two weeks ago so they got it out and started to work on it. We got a call last Mon. that it was repaired drove the two hours on Tues. to get there to only discover it wasn't repaired. They said they ordered the parts to fix it that day and only one part came in in 5 days and the other part came in on Friday did they work on our RV when the part came in NO we called today and it wasn't repaired even though the part came in Friday. NEVER again will we do business with them and we have did a lot of business with them

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6/29/2016 Good Sam Club - I have called 4 times for new cards to be sent. I
I have called 4 times for new cards to be sent. I was told this time they were never sent out and they would arrive in 10 days. All the customer service agents were rude and short. I have used the road service for my vehicle 2 times. Both times the service providers were pleasant and helpful. Maybe the customer service people could take some training from them. I am giving it a two because of the customer service. I would give it a 4 if based on the service providers.

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