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5/8/2014 Goodyear Tire - Goodyear Tracker disintegrated on my vehicle
I had a "Good" Year tracker disintegrate on my vehicle,almost lost control and go head-on
in the upcoming traffic.,will stick to Michelin from now on.

Robert Read More
5/7/2014 Goodyear Tire - I was driving my Honda Element in Kissimmee,all of
I was driving my Honda Element in Kissimmee,all of a sudden,my Good Year Tracker's sidewall just desolved,I barely was able to re- gain control of my vehicle,went to the
Walmart on Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee,the Manager Nora Perez refused to do anything
for me,and had me wait an hour and a half before coming to see me,looked very indifferent,will never buy a Good Year tire again,and for sure not at Walmart,I have Michelins on my other vehicle,never had any problems. 5-7/2014 Kissimmee Florida

Bob Read More
12/20/2013 purchased 2 new goodyear tires from walmart on
purchased 2 new goodyear tires from walmart on Monday Dec. 16th. New tire sidewall blew out 2 days later Dec18th. This is a tire defect, not a result of a road hazard. walmart says no warranty because I didn't buy road hazard warranty. Why would this tire be not be replaced as it was obviously defective. I had maybe 100 to 150 miles on it when it blew out.

Howie Read More
2/5/2013 Goodyear Tire - @the lynnwood, wa on 44th location we took our
@the lynnwood, wa on 44th location we took our maxima
to replace our water pump and they vent our oil pan
with in a couple of week the new water pump they fix was
defected,so they took our car to fix the water pump
again and they loose our timing bell, we complain to corporate
and they took the car back for almost a week. Now they distroy
the engine!!!!!! the oil pan they vent now is crack
and the car is completely damage, we had two different mechanics
look at the choice then to buy a new car....
Thanks Erick the manager from this location....Your lawsuit is coming!!!

very upset customer Read More
5/22/2012 Goodyear Tire - good year tires are no good i have 75 percent
good year tires are no good i have 75 percent tread left and my eagle ls are dry rotting about to shred lets just say that goodyaer should quit doing business if the tires suck donkey dick which they do

stan morrison Read More
3/5/2012 My wrangler goodyear tire 265 17 blew up and took
My wrangler goodyear tire 265 17 blew up and took out my light wirers and switches my left fender. I have the reciets how do I get compensation for parts and labor. The other three matching tires are still on my car. what do I do abouth them.

big b Read More
1/13/2012 Goodyear Tire - Bought Goodyear Assurance tires today at Sears for
Bought Goodyear Assurance tires today at Sears for my 2008 Honda Accord. Driving home in the snow I noticed that they handled no better than the old Michlen tires I traded in for them, and they had 24,000 miles on them; in fact they seem worse.

dvd Read More
12/13/2011 Goodyear Tire - Goodyear claims it has shared values acting with
Goodyear claims it has shared values acting with honesty, integrity and respect this is so far from the truth. They DO NOT CARE about the safety of their customers

Roger Read More
11/18/2011 Goodyear Tire - Visited Just Tires store - Torrance, CA - for

Visited Just Tires store - Torrance, CA - for oil/filter and FREE tire rotation promo...

The Svc Tech there broke a wheel lug nut - therefore wheel could NOT be removed! Was told sometimes this happens but nothing more could be done and advised me to see a Midas dealer who would be equipped to fix this problem... could you imagine that!
And how could I drive knowing that if a flat were to occur I would be in serious trouble. This Midas repair ended up costing me $264.00!!!
The Goodyear Customer Service group is just as awful. I've sent emails and rarely get a response back. They refer you to a district mgr who doesn't respond. Then they told me to email them back if I needed further assistance.
Obviously never got the tire rotation... they're quick to sell you stuff but aren't there to support the product and or service!!!

A very dissatisfied customer!!!

MDX Read More
10/6/2011 I recently purchased a set of Goodyear tires from
I recently purchased a set of Goodyear tires from Sears Auto at the Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, IL). I have had the tires for about 2 - 3 months and have been back and forth to Sears 4 times. My tires keep losing air and they're telling me that it's not their problem - not Goodyear's problem, not Sears problem, apparently it's my issue. Sears offered to give me a $25.00 Sears gift card! I'm not sure how the gift card will help me when I'm driving aroung Chicago in 3ft of snow with a couple of flat tires! Goodyear does not stand behind their products and Sears doesn't stand behind their service. I just threw $1,000 out the window. Off to write the BBB, call Goodyear's Corporate office (probably set up in someone's garage...have you seen the commercials with the guy in the dumpy room trying to sound like a woman? It's gotta be Goodyear's office) and then off to file the same claims against Sears. I think my last stop will be to the consumer watch dog columns in the Chicago newspapers.

Goodyear? I think not. Read More
7/24/2011 Goodyear Tire - In August 2003, we purchase a 2004 Maxima SE.In
In August 2003, we purchase a 2004 Maxima SE.
In 2006 (about 18,707 Miles) on routine Dealer maintained they found that all four tires were spiting on the inside; all four tires were replace on 07/31/06 at Mountain View Tires & Service, 2621 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041 – TERR: 7412 – NONSIG: 195559 – CONC APPROVAL. A849577.

I think I was re-inversed the replacement cost of the four tires.

Three later, on 07/19/09; one tire when flat and the inspection on 07/20/09 (45,625 Miles) at Jordan’s Car Care Center #1, (2935 N. Galloway Ave., Mesquite, TX 75150) they found that two of the other tire were also split on the inside; I paid for one of the tires because I did not want to have tree new tires or have to old one split on me later. I had to pay $618.39 for the replacements.

Two Years later, I was on I20 @ 10 PM, when one tire went flat for the same reason (66,707 miles) – split on the inside. The Tire dealer (same as the one of 07/20/09) said that the other three tires were good. I took he word for it, but I still not happy or sure that the replacement or the other three tires are not going to split later. So far, we have been lucky that we have not had an accident.

The Car maybe almost 11 years old, but have replaced nine tires, with only 66,707 miles on the car, I should just be replacing the first set of tires.
Beside the inconvenience, possible safety issues; it has cost us $762.82 to replace what I believe to be defective tires or the wrong tires for the model.

Have there being any other customer with this problem with these tires or Model?

Carlos U. Santiago Read More
3/26/2011 Goodyear Tire - On Jan. 29/2001 I purchased a new set of Good Year
On Jan. 29/2001 I purchased a new set of Good Year Assurance tires for my 2007 Saturn Relay Mini Van. At the time these tires were purchased this van had 47,733 miles on it. On Feb. 8/11 I drove this van to Tampa Fl. and back (2700 miles) and was very satisfied with the way it rode and drove.

About two weeks ago I begin to notice that when you accelerated it real hard that you could see the front end pull very hard to the right which it had never done this in the past. You could hold the steering wheel straight and it would take you clear off on to the road side or shoulder.

Yesterday Friday March 26/11 I took this van in to my Dealer and ask them to check out the problem. They told me they would and suggested that I also do a front end alinement if they did not find a mechanical problems. So we agreed that if they felt and alinement
was needed to go ahead and do it.

The dealer checked out all of the front end parts, trans axel, tie rod ends, struts and found eveything to be in good shape (no problems).

The dealer then done a full four wheel alinement on the vehicle and then test drove it again. The pulling to the right was still there when you would accellerate hard.

The dealer then rotated the tires front to back. These tires have just a little over 5,000 miles on them. The dealer then test drove it and it still pulled to the right when you would accellerate real hard.

The dealer then rotated the two front tires side to side and then test drove it again. Now when you accellerate hard, it pulls just a slight to the left. The Dealers mechainc says he feels I have a tire problem.

Today Sat. March 26/11 I went to my Good Year Dealer and told him that I felt we had a tire problem. I told him that I had taken the van to the dealership where I purchased it and have it serviced to have it checked out. I told him what the dealer had done or found.
Well he certainly did not agree that it was the tires. So I ask him to explain to me why it now just pulls to the left slightly when you accellerate hard and not to the right at all. Of coarse he was not happy about them rotating the tires, he said that I should have taken the van to him first so he could have checked out the tires because he had sold me the tires. I told him that until the dealer had checked out the trans axel and front end I did not think it was a tire problem.

Anyway I have and appointment with the Good Year Dealer Monday March 28/11 at 1 PM so he can check out the tires and I would almost bet that I am not going to get any satisfaction form him or Good Year. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS PROBLEM.


marion johnson Read More
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