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Greyhound Bus Lines is the largest intercity bus company in the USA.Greyhound is owned by First Group from Scotland.

Greyhound Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
350 North Saint Paul
Dallas, TX 75201

7 Days 24-7 Depending on Service

More Greyhound Contact Phone Numbers
Fare and schedule information: 1-800-231-2222
Baggage Claims: 1-214-849-6246
Assistance for customers with disabilities: 1-800-752-4841
TDD/TTY: 1-800-345-3109
International callers: 1-214-849-8100
Corporate Office: 1-214-849-8000
Customer Assistance: 1-214-849-8966
Driving Careers Jobs: 1-214-849-8000
Charter Sales: 1-800-454-2487
Commercial Services: 1-800-440-7712
Greyhound Package Express: 1-800-739-5020
Report Unsafe Driving: 1-800-723-3287

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-231-2222 Press 26


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7/12/2017 Nightmare at Greyhound bus station in Richmond, VA
Nightmare at Greyhound bus station in Richmond, VA
I recently had a dreadful experience with Greyhound bus service travelling from Philadelphia, PA to Raleigh, North Carolina.I reached intermediate stop Richmond, Virginia at 1:28 A.M EST in the morning on 9th July 2017 and my next bus from Richmond to Raleigh was scheduled for departure at 3:25 A.M, 9th July 2017. Since I already had a boarding pass and reached Richmond well ahead of boarding schedule, I was pretty confident that I would be able to board the bus since my boarding # on the bus ticket was 3.
I queued up through the Boarding on time and was allowed an admission to board the bus. They took my boarding pass (ticket printout) and when I got inside I found that the bus was fully occupied. I descended the bus and checked with the driver and he confirmed that the bus is full and I have to wait for the next available bus. By this time, the person who was in charge of boarding and collected my boarding pass was nowhere in the scene. I went to the ticket counter and the lady there requested for my ticket. But since it was already handed over to the person in charge of boarding the bus and I did not have a spare copy of the ticket, I could not produce the same. She insisted that I should produce my ticket to get an admission to the next bus. So I did not have any other option but to search for the person who collected my ticket. Luckily for me, I was able to locate the person and recover the ticket printouts, When I handed over the tickets to the reception, she issued me a ticket for the next bus with a Boarding Pass # 34 (Conf# 4116461901) which started at 6:25 A.M for Raleigh, NC. She explained that the driver on the previous bus did not offload all the passengers and that was the reason the bus got full early.To my sheer surprise, in the next bus also ( scheduled for departure at 6:25 A.M), I found out that after I reboarded the bus got full.
I have the following questions to Greyhound Authorities -
1) I had a valid confirmed ticket from Richmond, VA to Raleigh, NC. So why should I suffer because of the fault of the driver in offloading the passengers at the Richmond station?
2) The staff handling the boarding of passengers were clueless as to how many passengers are already seated on the bus. Why did they allow me an entry to the bus when it was already full?
3) At early morning, the lady at the ticket counter should have shown some mercy and issued me a reboarding pass for the next bus instead of telling me to search for the person to recover my tickets. Why should I be liable for a consequence I am not responsible for?
4) What is the significance of the Boarding # on the ticket when the passengers are queuing up on first come first serve basis regardless of the boarding #?

After this journey, I would never give a thought to travel anywhere on Greyhound! I will strictly advise people to stop travelling long distances on Greyhound buses since you never know even after getting admission on the bus you may have to wait for the next bus, the reason being the bus is full. GREYHOUND SUCKS!!!!

Shuddhya Mukherjee Read More
1/10/2017 Greyhound - After 275 comments with one star comments I'm not
After 275 comments with one star comments I'm not expecting much here.

Took Greyhound for the first time since 1966. Had a decent trip back then. Now 68 years old and decided to try to find an alternative to flying. Now I realize 50 years changes things but I never expected anything like this trip.

Everyone but one women (Laura) in Memphis, TN was rude, abrupt and anything but helpful. They herded you like cattle. Bothe staff and Drivers were rude and agitated when asked questions. Everyone was treated like this. I was really shocked. It felt more like boot camp than the pleasant trip I expected.

I had bought a round trip but, at 68, I'm afraid to go back on Greyhound. I expressed this to Greyhound and asked for a refund on my return trip. Got a song and dance about some other bus line being responsible and a non-refundable economy ticket. As if they sell another kind of ticket. Terrible experience.

I am truly disappointed in Greyhound and their people.

Dale Read More
9/25/2016 Greyhound - I bought a print at home ticket. Could not
I bought a print at home ticket. Could not retrieve the ticket. First I called customer service. They re-sent the ticket. Still cannot print it. Error it said. Sent an email. Still have not received a response. Greyhound sucks! I will never ride with them again. My business is going to the Bolt Bus.

Esme Read More
7/22/2016 Greyhound - I am living in Montreal,Canada and I would like to
I am living in Montreal,Canada and I would like to make a trip to New York NY (round trip);instead of getting off at
Manhattan,I would like to get off at Queen Village and vice versa get on the bus at the same place for the come back.Is it possible

Renold Joseph Read More
5/22/2016 Greyhound is the most incompetent company I have
Greyhound is the most incompetent company I have ever ever encountered! How they stay in business is a mystery to me. I would advise anyone to travel via greyhound for more than a 10hr trip.

kelly Read More

GYPSY Read More
3/7/2016 Greyhound - I'm very disappointed with the employees of this
I'm very disappointed with the employees of this company! I booked a long trip to Cleveland, Oh from Springfield, MA. Boy oh boy was I treated like crap! The drivers are always so angry and yelling at the passengers! The employees in the New York stations are a bunch of nasty and angry individuals it's incredible! Never again will I travel with Greyhound! The only person that greeted us with a smile was a luggage clerk!!! One person!!! ??

Leticia Read More
2/5/2016 Greyhound - I would appreciate some kind of notification if the piece of luggage has been recovered
I am adding this comment about the issue of not being able of finding a piece of luggage going from Ft Worth to San Antonio. I purchased a ticket to make a round trip to San Antonio. The luggage made it on the bus at the station in Ft Worth before I was able to get on the bus and left before I was even able to board the bus. Needless to say, I had to wait until the next day to be able to travel to San Antonio. I tried without success to find my piece of luggage. The ticket agent at the ticket counter in Ft Worth was of no help. All he wanted to do was make excuses. I really think he was not all capable of being able to handle the job that he was hired to be able to handle. He informed me that he had checked to see what the status was of the piece of luggage was. I really do not believe that he tried to find my luggage. I got on the bus and made my way to San Marcos where I made my exit and met my party to go on to San Antonio. The discussion was really heated. I decided at that time I was going to take some action against the Greyhound Bus Company. I started the action after I got back from San Antonio and this proved to be very unsuccessful. I have decided to let the issue go by the wayside for a while. Then all of a sudden I decided to try and see if I could find that luggage in the Lost and Found Department of the Greyhound Bus Company. The luggage is light Grey in color material and trimmed with orange piping. It should not be that difficult to locate in the area of the Lost and Found. I was told that it would be in that area. I would appreciate some kind of notification if the piece of luggage has been recovered.

Clarence Read More
12/22/2015 Greyhound - Poor customer service and very misleading website
Poor customer service and very misleading website to use. Stay away as much as you can.

maggie122 Read More
12/18/2015 Greyhound is unorganized and needs to get a better staff!
The lady had said our bus number once then start calling another bus so.we sat there for another 15 minutes waiting then went up to the desk in Nashville the guy said well she called it once and so he said oh well it's gone then he said it's not refundable do I said can we get on another he said yeah so that's what I had to do. Then I called up there after leaving they wouldn't answer it just played music. Greyhound it unorganized and needs to get a better staff!

Kaee Read More
12/1/2015 Greyhound was late to Indy. So we missed our
Greyhound was late to Indy. So we missed our connection to Cincy. But instead of having to wait until the next morning, the ticket lady got us a cab all the way to Cindy in time to catch our next bus. So thank you Mrs. Indy greyhound. I got to go back to Mizzu. To pick up my car in 2 days. But can anyone tell me why I have 5 different prices for this trip in the last 5 days.

rick ingram Read More
11/17/2015 We have taken our final trip with Greyhound
We have taken our final trip with Greyhound. We recently made a trip from Charlotte NC to Huntington WV. We went online to check prices and to see if the early bus still ran at 2:20 am, we were quoted a price of $256.00 for two senior citizens and yes the 2;20 bus was still running, we double checked to make sure everything was taken care and then went back online to book our fare. Not only did you charge us $365.30 for two seniors but this included a $10.00 fee of which you made no explanation of what this was for. What is going on with this company have you gotten so big that you do not care!!!. Well like I said we were supposed to leave at 2;20 did not leave until 3:35 I informed them at the station my husband required help on and off the bus, well they let us on first but no help, when we arrived at the first rest stop we were told we had 15 minutes due to being so late, the driver who was very rude jumped off the bus and hurried into McDonalds did not place step at the bottom and my husband almost fell if it had not been for another passenger, and upon returning to the bus the same thing no help from driver but passengers help. Of course we did not arrive into Huntington until 11:30 suppose to be there 10:10. We do not travel much but when we did we traveled with your company, like I said no more, I might add we could have taken Amtrak cheaper of which we will do from now as we look at you owe us the difference of $256 from the first quote to being charged $365.30, but we know as well as other people you are not that concerned I don't expect you to reply you people just do not take care of passengers. Thank You for the worst trip we have ever had. Not much better on the return trip, the old saying you learn from mistakes we learned the hard way on this one.

Jackie Read More
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