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6/13/2017 Grohe America USA - Same issue with customer service, none existent...
Same issue with customer service, none existent...
I purchased an new Lady Lux kitchen faucet from Faucet Direct and had it installed. Within a week the spout was hard to turn. Contacted Grohe suggested Lithium Plumbers grease. Said just pull the spout off and lube the o rings. No problem except the spout will not come off. Followed Grohe tech suggestions, nothing. Then Grohe refused to warranty the faucet, so finally Faucet Direct took care of it and is sending a new faucet. LAST GROHE PRODUCT FOR ME.

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2/23/2016 Grohe America USA - We were sold a Grohe kitchen faucet that cost us $300 or $400
We were sold a Grohe kitchen faucet that cost us $300 or $400. It was said to be the best. Here we are several years later and it doesn't work right. Grohe says we have to find the receipt and return the faucet to where we bought it and they have to ship it to Grohe and, then, really, we're only entitled to new parts. So we are probably going to have to buy another faucet (it won't be Grohe, of course) and eat our losses. I'm old enough to remember when this sort of downhill slide happened at Moen. Good companies searching for a better bottom line and cutting corners.

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2/4/2016 Grohe America USA - I have a 15 year old Grohe shower system that
I have a 15 year old Grohe shower system that wasn't working properly. A plumber advised I needed a new thremostat cartridge. When I contacted Grohe service, I received a response within a couple days and was wonderfully advised that they would mail me a replacement part (retail value now about $130!) completely gratis. It arrived today....GREAT work David and Grohe customer service. I'll buy your products next time too. Thanks.

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1/4/2016 Grohe America USA - I have 2 Grohe fixtures in my home and they do not work properly
I have 2 Grohe fixtures in my home. None of them are working properly. The diverter of one shower body is completely destroyed. It's made out of junky plastic that does not last. This shower is hardly ever used, and there's no reason for it to get worn out so fast. Secondly, I bought a very expensive shower mixing valve. It's just not working. Worst of all, their customer service is terrible! I can't get a representative on the line, nor do I get answers to emails. Supposedly, Growe has a lifetime guarantee on all products. What do I have out of that if they don't correspond? I will NOT recommend Grohe to ANYBODY!

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4/20/2015 Grohe America USA - In March 2015, I purchased a Grohe Lady Lux Touch
In March 2015, I purchased a Grohe Lady Lux Touch kitchen faucet and soap dispenser. While I'm totally satisfied with the design and look of the faucet and the soap dispenser, I'm totally dissatisfied with the Touch component of the faucet and I've wasted money buying something that doesn't work with the under-mounted sink I have because the faucet is not centered over the sink. We chose to have a granite design with a double sink, one twice as small as the other to facilitate a garbage disposal. Because of that design the faucet is centered over where the two sinks meet which puts it at the left of the middle of the sink cabinet. With that design, the Grohe electrical component box (the box that controls the Touch sensitivity and water flow) can only be mounted to the right of the garbage disposal and drain piping. However, mounted there, the black wire from the box is not long enough to reach and connect to the metal ring that's that installed on the faucet pipe column beneath the sink. I hired a licensed plumber to install the faucet and the box he suggested that he cut the black wire and splice another wire onto it to make it longer. I agreed but after doing that and connecting everything per the installation instructions, the Touch feature wouldn't work. I and the plumber thought there was a problem with the electrical box and the plumber left because there was nothing further he could do at that time. The installation of the faucet worked with water supplied by using the manual open/close. The charge for his services was $250. After the plumber left, I called Grohe about the situation and spoke with a technician who agreed to send me another box understanding that I nor the plumber didn't realize the black wire couldn't be extended. The replacement box arrived the other day and I called-back the plumber to see if there was any way he could install it behind the Garbage disposal unit albeit I knew I would have to crawl under the sink to replace the batteries and push the button on the box whenever it was necessary. He agreed to do it if I agreed to pay another service charge of at least $100, to which I agreed. After spending at least an hour disconnecting piping and attempting to install the new box, he discovered that the stem of the push switch of the box was broken from it's place. It arrived that way! Again, there was nothing he could do but re-install the piping back to its original positions again without having the Touch feature. There was another charge for his services. At this point, I've given-up on the Touch feature of the faucet because it's not worth spending any more money to have it installed. The design of the Touch feature is very poor inasmuch as it's designed to facilitate a faucet that's mounted over the center of a sink. I would hope that Grohe would compensate me at least for the extra money I paid for the Touch feature of the Lady Lux faucet given it was unknown to me when I purchased it that it wouldn't work with the design of my sink and counter-top.

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2/10/2015 Grohe America USA - I had a leak on our kitchen faucet spray head and
I had a leak on our kitchen faucet spray head and I called for the part. Your Customer Service was exceptional.
They handled everything quickly and easily.

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1/26/2015 Grohe America USA - we are a 50 person architectural firm in Chicago
we are a 50 person architectural firm in Chicago and your website is not helpful - I need a phone number of the local or regional rep to order fixtures - can you forward a name and phone number?

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11/14/2014 Grohe America USA - I work at a plumbing company and have been trying
I work at a plumbing company and have been trying to get a replacement soap dispenser for over 2 months. Grohe has already told me that is a warranty part but have not had any luck getting my part. I have placed many calls and e-mails to you, but no-one has contacted me in over a month.

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9/3/2014 Grohe America USA - Awful cust, service you spend HOURS holding on
Awful cust, service
you spend HOURS holding on the phone then a promise of sending out the part
which never arrives.
Plumbers have advised us to purchase other lines as your company is impossible to deal with
We should have taken that advice

Dr. Edward Read More
3/25/2014 Grohe America USA - Bad unacceptable service. telephoning any of the
Bad unacceptable service. telephoning any of the listed numbers results in a 30 min wait ...more wasted time. The US operation should learn from its successful German parent company, or any European distributor all of whom answer their phones!

Im trying to buy 3 grohtherm 1000 2 shower complete units & 1 bath sets.
i ordered them......with difficutly from Fergusons in naples Fl. they too were unable to quote delivery for GROHE professional service is so bad !!!
They too spent 30 minutes holding on the phone. I too today .. they are indeed right your company doesnt work efficiently, most unlike your German parent company.
This email will be copied to Germany now.
Fergusons suggest it 'may' be 3 weeks delivery. as a European I find that impossible to believe.
I want them right away and that means right now. Do I have to order them from a German or any European country to get them ???


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3/6/2014 Grohe America USA - The hose on my shower head starting leaking to the
The hose on my shower head starting leaking to the point of being useless. I called and they said to send a picture of the head and hose connector and they would be back in touch. Well, I guess I rack this up the same as "the check is in the mail". I got the brush off. It's ok. Fortunetly, I can afford to buy a new shower head and hose - but guess who will never get more of my business - and I will tell everyone I know. I do not do business with companies that lie.

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12/11/2013 Grohe America USA - called today for a part to fix a broken 4 yr. old
called today for a part to fix a broken 4 yr. old faucet. spoke with a cust. service rep who said she'd mail the part ups and I would receive it in 3-5 business days. Will see if it arrives as promised. She said I could call tech support to walk me through the replacement process.

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