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9/9/2013 Guess? Inc. - Problems with a Guess Handbag - I need the Uk contact number
Can you help we have had a problem with a Guess handbag and have returned it to a Guess Shop. They have advised us to contact Guess customer services, up to now we have not been able to find the telephone number or e.mail of Guess UK can anybody help.

Antonia ChamberlainRead More
4/16/2013 Guess? Inc. - Dear Sirs,I need a help. I’ve bought a Guess
Dear Sirs,

I need a help. I’ve bought a Guess sunglasses and they have broken in both “legs”, I would like to change or to fix it, where can I find a technical assistance,
How can I contact them to see what I can do?

Can you help please?

Waiting your feedback I remain,

Camila Tisott

camilaRead More
10/22/2012 Guess? Inc. - Hi I have a guess watch that I really love but
Hi I have a guess watch that I really love but it's not working anymore, it's water prof and it's stainstil with all diamond all over the face but most of them fell down.....what do I need to do to replace it????? Ricki

RickiRead More
7/13/2011 Guess? Inc. - HelloI sent you a fax on Friday July 8th in

I sent you a fax on Friday July 8th in replay of a letter sent by you regarding the order number 260267. I want to know if you got the fax and when should I expect the replacement watch. Can you please email conffirmation?

Saira Garrido

Alejandra BustillosRead More
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