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1-800-225-5797 Press 0 at each prompt.


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9/21/2012 Gulf Power - I believe you have a company that works for you or
I believe you have a company that works for you or under you or maybe you contract out called "Utility." This is in regards to that particular company. I actually have a complaint, i guess would be the best way to put it. A couple of days ago I was at a Tom Thumb in Ponce De Leon Florida app. 3 am. or so when i had noticed one the employees smoking what seemed to be methamphetamine's from a tin foil behind the store. When the individual noticed me, he quickly threw the foil down and got in the wok truck. I had notified an officer of this and gave him the foil, but he said without a truck number or name, there wasn't much he had to go on. I do not like that stuff in my community. I have children that I bring in to that store and I DO NOT want my kids exposed to that. I would really appreciate some action being taken. I'm not trying to cause trouble, but that is illegal and wrong. Thank you for your time, I hope my words have some sort of impact or reaches someone of importance. If i am contacting the wrong people, I also apologize, and hope maybe you can steer me in the right direction. Again thank you for your time.

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3/29/2010 Gulf Power - Yes you will speak to a live person. Answer "help
Yes you will speak to a live person. Answer "help me with something else" at each propt.
You may waint until the nezt customer servie representative is avialable with music in the background, however they will answer.

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