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1/9/2016 We stayed at the Hampton inn in hope Ark. Was
We stayed at the Hampton inn in hope Ark. Was charged 250 for smoking in room which we did not. We have handicap son that we never smoke around. We went outside as per rules. When called to see why charged the 250 was told butts and ashes were all in room. We were gone most of time we were there, all evening on Friday, all day Saturday, and left Sunday morning. Was told that they had pics of evidence and would send to my phone. never received those either. Will never stay at that hotel again as they were rude when talking to them and hung up on me. We go down there all the time for family. We even offered to take lie detector test but they just said "okay" and hung up. Poor customer service.

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12/26/2015 Hampton Inn - We checked in and we noticed they were renovating
We checked in and we noticed they were renovating and we ask will there be any noise. Madison lied and said oh no you will be on 2 and they are working on 4. Well we woke up on the second floor and thats where the workers were working. Banging scratching the walls removing paint scraping down signs rolling those large carts it was a mess both days. We checked in to get some rest before the holidays and this was horrible. They put down some white something to protect the carpet on the hallways and my wife almost trip over it. I just dont understand why Madison did not tell us the truth. We have stayed at the Hamptons several times in the past and never experience anything like this before. The stay was not worth what we paid did not get any rest and would like a refund.

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4/1/2015 Hampton Inn - My husband stayed at the Hampton In Humble Texas.
My husband stayed at the Hampton In Humble Texas. 20515 Hwy 59 N. Humble TX 77338 for 2 nights. While he was in Texas his cell phone broke. He asked the front desk if he called my cell number in Louisiana if it would be long distance. They told him no it would not that he could make his call. Got a bill in for $50 charged to our credit card. Called the hotel and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I guarantee we will NEVER stay at another Hampton or any hotel affiliated with Hampton!

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10/15/2014 Hampton Inn - I feel a very high need to report an incident at
I feel a very high need to report an incident at your Hampton Inn in Wilkes Barre, PA. My nephew's wedding was Saturday, October 11th, and my sister-in-law booked 5 rooms for all the family. I am a big Hampton Inn fan and have stayed at many different locations throughout the years. However, I must complain about this. When we all left for the wedding at the same time--met in the hall--we all removed our "Do Not Disturb" signs at the same time. I had trouble putting mine in the plastic holder--so, I had to shut the door (it even fell on the floor) to get it into the holder. This was at 12 Noon on Saturday. When I arrived back to my room at 7 PM, it had not been made up--bed undone, no clean towels, etc., etc. So, I called Housekeeping and just got a recorder. I left a message and waited for one half hour. When I heard nothing, I called again and left another message. I then put the "Do Not Disturb" sign back out on my door. The next morning, I stopped at the desk and told the person there, and he immediately apologized and said that my sister-in-law would not be charged for that night. I did not ask for this, but just wanted to pass on the info. Then, upon making another trip out to the car, a young man who works at the Inn passed me in the hall (not pleasant at all) got on the same elevator with me, rushed past me to the man at the desk, leaned over and whispered something to him. When I returned to my room to pick up more things, my phone rang and it was the young person from the hall. He immediately called me by the wrong name (my sister-in-law). He then said that the room not being cleaned was my fault. I did not understand what he was saying and asked him what he meant, and he said that I had left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and it was still there because he had just checked. I laughed and said you are saying that I put it on the door and left it there for 24 hours? He said, "Yes". I told him that that was not true, and I had witnesses. He said it was true, and that is the way it is. So, I asked, "are you telling me I am a liar?" At this point, he hung up. When my brother and another sister-in-law (in the next room) were checking out (they had had the same experience), and they told her at the desk that she had left the sign on--she told them she had not, and they told her that she had in an argumentative way. Wow, I have never been treated so poorly, and I have stayed and loved going to Hampton Inns in the past, but never again. They did not take it off my sister-in-law's bill. THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE--I do not think so!! It was insulting, brash, unkind, deceitful, disrespectful, and an absolutely stupid accusation on their part. People do not put out and take off their Do Not Disturb signs?

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8/31/2014 Hampton Inn - On August 29, 2014 my husband and I wanted to stay
On August 29, 2014 my husband and I wanted to stay at the Hampton Inn in Mercer, Pa, however due to poor service we left. Our room had no hot water and we called service desk and the girl said she would send maintenance. I had let the water run for 25 minutes and when maintenance came in he said it was due to circulation and should not be more than 5 minutes and I told him it had been on for 25 and if no hot water by then I did not feel we would have any. He made excuses and we went to the front desk for another room and waited in line and when we got to the girl on duty and told her we wanted a different room and she said she guessed she could do that. She then told us to step aside while she checked other people in. At this point we were very upset and my husband told her to credit out money back and we left.
We have always stayed in Hampton's and never had any issues until now. I feel like we gave the hot water issue enough time and then to have the clerk say she guessed she could do that and asked us to step aside while she wait on someone else, was just too much and I feel you needed to know what took place so you can correct the maintenance person who apparently did not know what to do and the clerk for her poor attitude and lack of knowledge of how to treat customers.
Thank you for any attention you can give this matter.
Craig and Mary Williams
43 South Hill Rd.
Westfield, PA. 16950

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7/18/2014 Re: Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel
Re: Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel Gateway. 11281 SUMMERLIN SQUARE BLVD.
Someone needs to be aware that the GPS locator directs you to the opposite end of Summerlin Road regardless of how many times you re-enter. After wasting important time trying to get to the hotel, we called to get directions. We were not only in the opposite direction, but 10 minutes away. Upon checking in we asked if this was a problem with other guests and were informed "all the time". As we left the hotel we recognize what might well be the problem. The " Summerlin Square " is completely closed, all shops empty and looks to have been for some time. Obviously since GPS can't find the hotel, the post office doesn't recognize the "Summerlin Square Blvd" to the general public, only to those Grandfathered.

After a long day of travel the last thing your guests want, is to be misdirected into a shady area of an unknown location. The young lady on the desk was very accommodating, but we could tell that bringing this issue to the house manager would not do any good. So hopefully someone at this level will care. Thank you!

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6/24/2014 I booked a room at Hampton Inn, Isle of Palms, SC
I booked a room at Hampton Inn, Isle of Palms, SC for my husbands 60th birthday. Unfortunately we were unable to make the trip. I called several weeks ago to cancel my reservation but the young lady couldn't find my name in the computer. My fault, my last name is hyphenated and I only gave her Meyers. So today I get my bank statement and I am charged 191.00. A lot of money!!!! I called the hotel and was given to the General Manager. He told me that the charge had been placed by Expedia and that I needed to call them. Did that but was told that the charge had come from Hotels.com. Called them and was told that the charge had come from the actual Hampton Inn. I called back, getting more and more frustrated, and was given the General Manager once again. This time he told me that the charge had come from the hotel, Why wasn't I told this in the first conversation???? instead of the run around? He became VERY aggressive and rude and told me it was my fault because I hadn't given them my full name!!! 191.00 dollars is ALOT of money to be charged for nothing. In a day when customer service is so important to any business, this GM is an epic fail!!! I am also reporting him to corporate office and even if I am not returned any portion of my money ....they need to know what a rude, lying, arrogant person they have working for them! So much for southern hospitality

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5/9/2014 Hampton Inn - My wife and I spent 27 May 2014 at Meridian,
My wife and I spent 27 May 2014 at Meridian, Mississippi's Hampton Inn. About 50 miles out the next morning, we discovered that a jacket had been left behind in the closet. While debating whether to return for it, or whether to call and ask that it be held pending our return a week later, our cell phone rang. It was Jacquita at the desk of the Meridian Hampton Inn, reporting that Tenner, a housekeeper, had found the jacket and brought it to the desk. Jacquita didn't mention having to seek out our cell phone number. A week later we gratefully picked up the jacket, thanked Jacquita, and left a small thank you for Tenner. That level of service only strengthened our resolve to stay at Hampton Inns whenever possible. Clean rooms, Wi-FI, and healthy, complimentary breakfasts always add to the friendly service we've received. Six stops that trip--six Hampton Inns. We don't fiddle with success.

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4/28/2014 Hampton Inn - Sherman, TX Review
Hampton Inn - Sherman, Tx.
My husband has been in chemotherapy for 6 months - we decided to visit friends in Sherman, Tx. and reserved a room at the Hampton Inn there. z9our first outing) We arrived about 2:30 (check in time is 3:00) So I understood that the room was not ready. We waited about 15 minutes and were told that our room was ready. We went to the room and it was certainly not ready - a total wreck. We called down to tell the desk that the room was not ready - they sent someone up to check it out. We went back downstairs and were given another room. All of this was inconvenient for us. The hotel smells musty and the carpeting is really old - it is not up to Hampton Inn quality. We have stayed in Hampton Inns forever and have never been disappointed with the quality or service. Incidentally, there was not a wash cloth in the room - the next morning I asked for one at the desk and was told "they are all in the laundry at this time". Hope you can clean up this facility.

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4/7/2014 Recently stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Ybor City
Recently stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Website states its "downtown" but in reality it's nowhere near the downtown or Convention Center, which is what I needed. Need a hotel key to get into the actual hotel, which is not comforting for a business woman traveling alone. They should have a better system for arrivals to feel safe at this hotel. Also no restaurant or bar in hotel, you have to travel to get any food. My room was ok, except for dirty bathroom and carpeting that obviously had not been vacuumed - since there were clipped toenails all over the carpet by the bed! Shower looked dingy and needs to be re-caulked. I kept socks and shoes on at all times so that my bare feet would not touch the carpet or dirty tiles. When I complained to the front desk, all I got was a "Sorry". I would love a refund, something to make this better. I hope that I never have to stay at a Hampton again. Disgusting.

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3/18/2014 My husband and I just stayed at the Hampton Inn in
My husband and I just stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fayetteville, NC and wanted to say how very impressed we were with the professionalism and courtesy of the employees. Everyone was so nice and so helpful. We were very pleased with our stay and would definitely return. Thank You

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1/9/2014 When we travel, we'll always stay at a Hampton Inn!
An early January snow storm that dumped a foot of snow followed by -15 degree temps with wind chills to -40 degrees caused a power outage at our home in Indianapolis that lasted almost 48 hours. After spending the first night in our home, we decided to seek shelter at the Hampton Inn on East 82nd Street in Indy. When we called for the reservation, we were told our room charge would be $99. Upon arriving, when we explained that our stay was caused by the power outage that affected nearly 30,000 homes in Indianapolis, they changed the room charge to $59. I would have gladly paid twice the $99 initially quoted just to have a heated room with hot water. My wife and I frequently stay at Hampton Inns as we travel. This most recent experience serves to remind us why, when we travel, we'll always stay at a Hampton Inn.

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