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9/22/2015 Hefty leak proof, extra strong all have tears in the bags
Purchased a large quantity of the Hefty leaks proof, extra strong, expandable 30-gallon drawstring bags only to be incredibly disappointed. Every single bag had a tear on one the side seam. In order for me to use them, I had to duct tape each bag. I tried many times calling their customer service number only to be a busy line 24/7. I have emailed them as well, they claim to respond in 24 hours. Over a week since the sent email and continued calls I have yet to receive a response. There is absolutely NO other national company that has a single line, normally there are several and put on hold. Nope, not Hefty. There is absolutely no way to successfully call customer service, let alone speak to an individual(which if there were I'm sure it would be an outsourced job to an individual you can't understand). Worst part? They're global and revered to be the best name in bags, whether trash bags or kitchen bags. Hey, Hefty Hefty, DEVELOP SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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