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1/14/2015 Henri Bendel - Hands down the WORST customer service I have ever
Hands down the WORST customer service I have ever received in my life. These women act like they don't want to make any sales. I went to the register twice in a row to make a purchase since on my way out I found another item to buy, both times approaching the register, the group of four associates that were at the register just glared while one person took initiative to process my sale with no exchange of words besides if I could reuse the bag I already had from my first purchase.
I am a customer service trainer for high end luxury brands on Madison Avenue and I was appalled by the unapproachable demeanor of the team that they argued as to who was going to ring the sale as they all did not want the sale. I am unclear if they are evaluated on UPT, ADT; however, regardless there should be quality customer service at any time. It's a shame because I love the product, but I HATE shopping here. Moving forward I will definitely spend my money on line so these rude associates will not get any sales from me.

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