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5/23/2017 Hertz Customer Support - Hertz has been the most unprofessional rental car
Hertz has been the most unprofessional rental car business I have ever dealt with. Trying to get someone on the line that knows anything about the rental procedures. I f I could I would spread around the world how HERTZ does not return your calls and once you pay them they do not give a rip about customer service!!!! I called Corporate and the NEW ORLEANS Airport location for two days without a response!! I rent a vehicle for 4 to 6 months at a time and expect to get an answer at leas when I call the numbers posted! I will turn in this car I have had for 7 months and never use Hertz again and try to get all my facebook followers to boycott Hertz due to Extreme Bad Customer Service!!! Especially New Orleans Airport!

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1/29/2017 Hertz Customer Support - Rented a car from a filthy office with a nasty
Rented a car from a filthy office with a nasty rep. Charged for full tank of gas and tank was NOT full. Had to fight for credit. two chairs in office people standing in hallway. Car was filthy not cleaned food paper all types of garbage all over. trunk was filthy with one unused condum thank god it was unused. Found money on floor and someones contract with all their information. Went back in to complain and was told we didn;t have time to clean the car. Never again with hertz. I would walk before ever using Hertz. Top management should all bee replaced thank god I don;t own stock in this sick company.

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8/7/2016 Hertz Customer Support - How can a company of this size accept fraundulant
How can a company of this size accept fraundulant activity to obtain funds from my account , I'm an intelligent, successful retired man and can't believe what has occurred . I so bet this gets deleted but its fact, the Heathrow office in London will soon realise you can't fraudulantly take money out of my bank account and then refuse to respond to emails which clearly support and substantiate my claim. Where is the return contact with a dispute. It's going to take a while but fortunately for me and unfortunately for Hertz, I have all the time in the worl to tell my story and cost this company so much money. Slander you say, no , telling the truth is not illegal. Just for the record I have made all the necessary attempts to contact the guilty office that fabricated/forged contractual documentation in order to obtain money through misconduct of position within a company, and have had my emails ignored. All you had to do do guys, was acknowledge your mistake and return the funds to my account. I would so love to speak with someone suitably qualified within this company to explain and quantify my actions to date and my proposed actions against your company to compensate my losses. Why am I being so apparently nasty, it's because I have 100% evidence of truth on my part and injustice on your company's part. Contact me if you wish to easily prevent me from continuing my vengeance upon the injustice of your company. The rental contract no for your records is 241247591

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1/5/2016 Hertz Customer Support - I would never use Hertz rent a car again
I would never use Hertz rent a car again. I reserved a car in March for a December 25 pick up in old san Juan. On December 25 there was a sign that said no cars available, I thought this could not be true as I had a confirmation. I later discovered 30 other people had confirmations with no cars available to them. We were forced to use a different car rental and the car ended up costing us $1,700 compared to the $289.00 confirmation I had from Hertz. I think the worst of it all was that Hertz refused to let me talk to a supervisor and flat out told me they would do no compensation in a voucher or pay out. The customer service man told me they do not guarantee the car with the confirmation. On the confirmation, is does not say based on availability or does it say " good luck". I would again never use Hertz as they ruined our vacation as they did to many families.

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5/19/2015 Hertz Customer Support - I was in a Hertz vehicle three weeks ago via
I was in a Hertz vehicle three weeks ago via Priceline and the vehicle was part of a package. After a lengthy flight and ready to get my vacation started I found myself in LA the airport and promptly transported to Hertz where the bad experience began. I was directed to a self serve station and spoke to a Salesman via computer screen. Everything in his training was attempted to upgrade the vehicle Priceline provided in my package. After several attempts that task was discarded by the Salesman on the screen and we moved on to insurance. It was highly suggested that I purchase an insurance package where in the event of an accident, breakdown etc I was totally free of charge. Having used Enterprise several occasions in the past and confident my vehicle insurance would suffice for this short three day stay in California. I was given a parking slot number and told to walk the parking lot that contained more vehicles than one might imagine I eventually located this Chevy Spark which was the truest example of the cheapest possible vehicle in the economy line. Before I put the a mile on it I was immediately aware something wasn't right about how it operated. Having spent the day from hell in the air then what seemed an hour declining all the computer salesman was selling the last thing I wished to do was start over by going back. While the car lacked power and shifted terribly I didn't feel it would strand me. The next morning went to the public beach and found public parking promptly. After 15 min went back to car and put souvenir in trunk I noticed a 50$ parking ticket on windshield. After walking the lot eventually found the smallest sign in the world saying to locate a kiosk and pay to park which I did. I really say shame on CA for theis type of tourist trap and gave me a bad taste when I consider returning. A week after getting home I pay the 50$ ticket and open mail to find that Hertz now has their hand out for a 30$ administrative fee for getting a parking ticket in their vehicle I received as punishment for declining the sales pitch. Shame on Hertz as well as Huntington Beach CA ! Does anyone think I plan to make that trip again? Never any issues using Enterprise Car rental.

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5/18/2015 Hertz Customer Support - Was trying to see what happened to my complaint
Was trying to see what happened to my complaint sent from Houston,TX but read the horrible things other customers said and I felt this is not a company worth engaging with. It looks you are all bunch of criminals . I gave you $100.00 USD deposit and returned your car full tank no damage but after 3 months I have not got my deposit . Your manager said my check was returned and she collected missing address number and till now I never got my deposit. If you continue running your company like this you will regret your unprofessional service. Watch it.

Nze Read More
3/25/2015 Hertz Customer Support - I will never use hertz again, they have charged my
I will never use hertz again, they have charged my credit card over $1500 for 2 days of rental. No one at customer service can help and the location never answers the phone. This is insane.

7/4/2014 Hertz Customer Support - I rented a Hertz Ford Fiesta at the Salzburg
I rented a Hertz Ford Fiesta at the Salzburg Airport on 1 June. The girl charged my credit card $1,803.00 in advance as a security deposit. My contract stated I would be charged a total of $1,003.00 for the rental. On return the girl who inspected the car at first said I had cracked the windshield I told her no way and the spot she said was crack was tree pollen which came right off, she then got down on her knees and said that the paint on the bottom of the front bumper had a small scratch. It looked like a bug to me but as I had to catch a plane she wrote it up and refused to refund the difference between the security deposit and the rental charge on the contract as she was not allowed to as she stated. I contacted the Hertz Austria website and filed a complaint and as of yet no answer nor have they refunded the difference in the charge. Hertz is definitely looking to get out of the rental business with this type of customer service as I will never rent one of their cars again.

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4/30/2014 Hertz Customer Support - Hertz st the MIA rental center is horribly understaffed
Hertz st the MIA rental center is horribly understaffed for the customer load. Surely they could have adjusted staffing levels based upon very predictable customer reservations. I have been here for 30 minutes before my scheduled pick up time. There ate still 20 people in front of me , but only 2 reps in sight. The other 7 stations are empty. If I had not prepaid for the reservation becai I thought I could be assured of a positive customer experience, I would walk over to another of the dozen or so car rental companies that are right before me. I suppose
I expected mo all things change.. this time not for the better. Rest assured this will be the last time I prepay for a rental car a nd Hertz will be moving off of it'd pedestal in my eyes!

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4/28/2014 Hertz Customer Support - Had a very bad experience in Cozumel Mexico with Hertz
Had a very bad experience in Cozumel Mexico with the Hertz Rental Car representative who was in cahoots with a con man trying to sell time shares. When we were exiting the Cozumel Airport, an airport representative asked if we needed help and we said we needed a ride to our resort. We were directed to this gentlemen (unknown to us a con man) who suggested we rent a car rather than taking cabs - and at the quoted $20/day for the car rental that seemed like the way to go. We paid the representative the $190/week - $20/day plus $8/day for collision, and he led us over to the Hertz counter where he worked with the woman behind the counter - speaking Spanish most of the time - and the paperwork was done. Long story short, when we returned the car, (which was a true piece of junk to begin with) the same woman behind the counter said that we had not paid her, and gave us the bill for $350 - $50/day for the car. When we saw the man who we had worked with, he gave us a long song and dance and said we had paid him for some day trip to see his time shares - which was never represent to us at all. We were told we were paying $20/day for the car, and it ended up being that plus an additional $50 to Hertz. I'm guessing the Hertz rep and the con man split the initial $190, but I wonder how it would look to Hertz that we paid $50 a day to them for a very small car. Hertz should look into this unless they condone this type of scam being done by their people to their customers.

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4/23/2014 Hertz Customer Support - Why was my debit card charged $255.46 on 4.15.14
Why was my debit card charged $255.46 on 4.15.14

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4/4/2014 Hertz Customer Support - We had plans to go to Fort. Benning GA. for our
We had plans to go to Fort. Benning GA. for our sons Army Graduation Ceremony, and we had called an reserved a car 2 weeks prior to our departure date from Holland, MI. we had a confirmation number to verify, and the same morning we were planning to leave they(HERTZ of Holland, MI.) called and notified us that they would not have a car for us, boy was I pissed! never again will I do business with those unorganized people again, they are a complete joke! now we are stuck trying to figure out how to get to Georgia in time for our sons Army Graduation Ceremony. my advice: Think Twice before doing business with Hertz! all your plans don't mean a thing and nothings ever guaranteed with them.

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